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What is a Pardon?

What is a Pardon?


A Pardon gives a law-abiding citizen the opportunity to have her/his criminal record pardoned or expunged.  Having a criminal record pardon granted or expunged will keep a criminal judicial record of a conviction separated and apart from other criminal records.  Getting a pardon offers the person seeking the pardon application to be reintegrated into the society as a whole.  This Government pardon removes all the record from prying public eyes.


Getting a pardon does not erase the fact that she/he has a criminal record.  A national pardon or federal pardon does not erase her/his criminal record.  It does have the great benefit of keeping her/his record separate from other non-pardoned criminal records.


It is easy to get apply for a pardon.  It is your Right.


Travel – Benefits of an Application for Pardon

Getting a pardon when you apply for a pardon you will also receive the benefit of having some – if not all disqualifications burdening your life – removed!


Many countries in the world will not allow you entry with a criminal record.  You will require an expensive entry visa.  Having your criminal record pardoned may guarantee your entry without complications related to your criminal record.  Apply for a pardon today.  Don’t delay, renew your freedom, your security, and get a Pardon.


Education – Benefits of an Application for Pardon

Today many institutions of higher education require a criminal record check before acceptance into a course or program.  Even if the course or program does not require a criminal check upon enrollment your post education job seeking may still require a criminal record check.  You may get the job but not the promotion nor raise because you did not get your record pardoned.  Don’t wait.  Get your national pardon, federal pardon or DUI pardon.  Getting a pardon will cs


Employment – Benefits of an Application for Pardon

Now more than ever employers are doing criminal record checks.  Getting a pardon will hide your past misdeeds.


Here is a brief list of jobs that require criminal checks.  Get a pardon and improve your job opportunities.  If necessary use a pardon service for your application.


Accountants, Bankers, Brokers, Bus Drivers, Cashiers, Casino workers, Child care workers, Chiropractors, Coaches, Collection Agents, Couriers, Court Clerks, Day Care Workers, Dentists, Doctors, Funeral Directors, Government Workers, Information Technicians, Insurance Agents, Investment Advisors, Lawyers, Legal Assistants, Massage Therapists, Nurses, Optometrists, Physiotherapists, Police Officers, Principals, Secretaries, Social Workers, Subway Drivers, Teachers, Truck Drivers, Volunteers


Bond-ability – Benefits of an Application for Pardon

Employers must pay insurance to protect their business against claims made against their employees.  A criminal record may make you not bondable or make the cost of bonding you exorbitant. .  Getting a pardon will remove your record making you more employable.



Custody of Children – Benefits of an Application for Pardon

If you should become involved in a child custody case your criminal record will negatively affect your custody application.  Avoid negativity.  Get a pardon and if necessary use a pardon services.


Adoption of Children – Benefits of an Application for Pardon

Thinking of adopting.  Get a pardon and improve your chances.  A criminal record could impact your adoption process negatively. Get a pardon and if necessary use a pardon services.


Immigration – Benefits of an Application for Pardon

Many countries will reject applications for refugee status, landed immigrant status and citizenship if you have a criminal record.  Get a pardon and if necessary use a pardon services.



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