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10 Kick Ass Lessons We Can All Learn From Albert Einstein

Article by Spohr Rhyan

The word “Einstein” has become universally associated with becoming intelligent. Although not all of us are physicists like him, the way he lived and worked has inspired people to have the same attitude towards life.

Here are just some of the things you can learn from the wonderful Albert Einstein:

1. Don’t Be afraid To Push The Envelope:

Even back as a teenager, Einstein wasn’t frightened to challenge other people’s views. At school, he butted heads with the administration over how students were becoming taught; Einstein believed that essential thinking was important in learning rather than memorization.

Einstein wouldn’t have enjoyed his success if he backed down every time someone disagreed with his views. Some of his theories weren’t right away accepted by the scientific community, but he carried on and eventually changed the way the world looked at the universe.

2. Don’t Take by yourself So Seriously All The Time:

When Einstein became famous in America, people began to recognize him on the street to explain his theories. He would humorously reply, “Pardon me, sorry! always I am mistaken for Professor Einstein.”

Given the nature of his work (which was intensely cerebral), one would assume that a world-changing scientist like Einstein wouldn’t have a humorous side. However, Einstein’s quest for success didn’t demand him to be serious all the time – and neither should you.

In fact, not sweating the small stuff and having just a bit of irreverence will preserve your sanity in the long run. If Einstein took his work seriously all the time, he almost certainly would have gone nuts!

3. Just Show Up To Do The Work:

Like everyone else, Einstein probably never felt like working all the time – we all have our off-days. But his success and the incredible body of work he’s done proves that he still kept at it despite not feeling particularly motivated on certain days. He understands that emotions should take a backseat to the overall purpose of what you’re doing.

4. Be Cool With Criticism:

Like all great minds, Einstein knew that not everyone will agree or appreciate what he did. Even then, he wasn’t burdened by a need to please his critics. Instead, he took it as a problem to learn from their feedback and impressed him to work even harder to prove them wrong.

If you focus on pleasing your critics, you’ll end up wasting your time and energy instead of doing something productive.

5. Embrace Failure:

Physics may be an exact science, but no scientist ever got it right the very first time around. Einstein knows that success is a process of learning. The only purpose of his mistakes was to teach him so he could go back to the drawing board and try again.

One of the biggest things keeping us back is the fear of failure. In the long run, not making an attempt at all feels a lot worse than attempting but failing. That’s because with the latter, you still made progress and realized what NOT to do!

6. The Small Things Add Up:

attaining success feels like a faraway place for a lot of us – this makes some people not want to try at all. Why bother if it’s going to take eternally anyway, right?

Wrong. Einstein solved physics troubles by putting in the daily effort even if he didn’t get it all done right away. He had the end goal in mind, and he knew that each step he took brought him closer to the eventual goal that was waiting for him at the end.

The work you put in at a given time might not seem like much, but remember that in the big picture, it contributes to the wonderfuler full of your work.

7. Be Unselfish:

While Einstein’s success brought him worldwide fame and adoration, the stage of his work was to help humanity advance as a species. He didn’t do it with the intention of becoming rich or powerful. Einstein put the common good of mankind at the forefront of his work and this motivated him to do what he did throughout his life.

It’s important to remember that we don’t only live for ourselves. When we generously do things for other people without a heavy heart, it makes the world a better place and helps us become better human becomings in the course of action.

8. March To Your Own Beat:

Einstein was famous for expressing his contempt for people who blindly followed other individuals without feeling for themselves.

If we let other people tell us what we can or can’t do, then success will always elude us. We may all have our share of naysayers, but that doesn’t mean we should let those people tell us who we are or take their opinions as the gospel truth.

We’ve been blessed with the capability to believe for ourselves and go after what we truly want. The world would have been a very various location if Einstein listened to people who once told him that he “would never amount to anything.”

9. Stay Hungry:

Einstein didn’t consider himself as having a special talent, but someone who was “passionately curious”. When he came out with a new theory or scientific paper, he didn’t stop at that and call it a day.

All throughout his prolific career, he always sought new things to discover and learn. Einstein was always committed to growing – adapting this simple habit in your own life guarantees you’ll constantly achieve worthwhile things. Never be comspotnt – the most dangerous assumption to have is that you’ve done it all.

10. Keep At It:

You’ll run into inevitable setbacks like anyone else pursuing their dreams. But this isn’t a reason for you to pack up and go home. It’s only there to test how badly you want to see your dreams through. Above all, Einstein valued his capability to stay with issues longer rather than his intellect!

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