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$20 Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

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The Usual Suspects: Just because you give her a traditional and low-cost gift doesn’t mean it can’t be extra special! The key again to giving a great gift is to make sure it appears handpicked for the receiver! So for each ordinary gift below, we’ve added an extraordinary way to make it unique.

Homemade Perfume – Perfumes are an instant hit with ladies of all ages. But how to give Mom her favorite perfume if you’re looking to spend under ? Don’t sweat it (pardon the pun). We’ve got you covered with the following tip:

To personalize it: Make your own perfume! (You’ll be shocked out how well this comes out, and so will she.) First gather a few basic supplies. Glass beakers or measuring cups are best for mixing because plastics and metals react with the ingredients creating a different fragrance outcome than intended. You will also need bottles to store your creation. Make sure they have tight fitting lids to prevent evaporation. Glass stir rods like the ones used to mix drinks are the best utensils for stirring since a metal spoon can contaminate the mixture. Next, grab your basic materials: pure grain alcohol (Vodka is the best source for this–buy the cheapest kind since you won’t be drinking it), distilled water (tap water can cause contamination), and essential oils. And now for the fun part: choosing your fragrance notes. Make sure to choose Mom’s fave scents for a symphony of smells she will give a standing ovation!

Base Notes – Remember to consider the note properties of your oils. Begin with your base notes of sandalwood, moss, fern, vanilla, lichen or cinnamon. These scents will last the longest and anchor your perfume.

Middle Notes – Middle notes are a bit lighter and include geranium, ylang-ylang, lemongrass, and neroli. These oils will brighten your base notes and help form the main theme of your perfume.

Top Notes – Finally, choose your top notes from lime, orange, lemon, orchid, lavender, rose or bergamot. These are the lightest scents that you will smell immediately upon application of the perfume. They tend to dissipate quickly and leave the base and middle notes to linger.

Plants – If your mom loves gardening, then gifting her with plants of different types will make a great gift idea.

To personalize it: Give her a different plant for each month. In the soil of each plant, “bury” (but keep it partially visible, so she will see it) a note which describes why that plant in that month reminds you of her.

Recipe Book – A recipe book is perhaps one of the most adorable gift ideas to try this Mother’s Day.

To personalize it: Write your own special recipes inside for her to discover! And be sure to include a few that you learned from her, along with when she taught them to you first. She’ll be touched to realize that her traditions are becoming yours.

Cards – A card with just the right greeting for her never fails to impress.

To personalize it: Add a beautiful rose or other flower to your card for the mother who likes flowers and their fragrance.

Flowers – A magnificent bouquet or flower basket makes a good gift idea for your mom.To personalize it: Add a special mini-card to each flower stem. Inside each card, write one way that your mom is unlike any other mom.

Household Items–Since Moms do so much inside and outside the house, basic household items make a useful and great gift idea.

To personalize it: They might be household items, but they don’t have to be boring. Tie a ribbon around Fabulous, the wonderful smelling cleaning agent, with a card that reads “You have always been this to me”. Do the same for Comet bathroom cleaner-“You are my comet…I hope I’m your shooting star”-and Resolve carpet cleaner-“You have always helped me resolve even my toughest problems”. (Hey, we never said we weren’t corny. More than likely, so is she.) Put them all in a wash bucket with a bright bow on it.

Free coupons – Pamper her with free movie tickets or spa coupons…just make sure she doesn’t know you got them for free!

To personalize it: Attach a card that says that you will be her date for the event!

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