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2004 Koenigsegg CCR Overview – World Record Car

record suspension
by wallyg

If I ask you what car held the world’s top speed production car record in the 90s, most of you would answer the McLaren F1. If I would then ask what is the top speed production car record for the 2000s, most of you would answer the Bugatti Veyron and Veyron Super Sport. But what most of you don’t know, is that there is a small Swedish company, no – not IKEA, that briefly held that record as it transitioned from the F1 to the Veyron: the Koenigsegg CCR.

The CCR, an enhanced, face-lifted version of the original CC8S, grabbed the top speed world record from McLaren in 2005 but it’s fame was short-lived as only two months later Bugatti triumphed over both McLaren and Koenigsegg. In terms of ranking first place down that means that the Koenigsegg is a lesser car than the Bugatti, at least in terms of top speed, but this isn’t a discussion about the world’s highest top speed, this is an overview of the engineering ingenuity, automotive enthusiasm and sheer passion that has led to the creation of one of the best hypercars on this planet.

The CCR is a ripened version of the original Koenigsegg CC8S that was produced from 2002 to 2004 with only six versions made. In 2004, at the Geneva Auto Show, Koenigsegg revealed the CCR which is essentially a face-lifted, lypo-suctioned, version 2.0 of the CC8S. The major features remained the same such as the engine, body and chassis but enhancements were made throughout to yield a significant overall improvement.

A larger front splitter was added to improve downforce, headlight arrangement was tweaked and the rear-end was revised. Larger tires with wheels were added along with bigger brakes and better suspension. The resulting body changes actually led to a relatively immaterial increase in the car’s weight from the CC8S’s 1,175 kg (2,590 lbs) to the CCR’s 1,180 kg (2,601 lbs). The honeycomb kevlar-reinforced carbon fiber semi-monocoque body structure remains unchanged.

The engine remained the same, a rear mid-engine 4.7 liter V8 paired to a 6-speed manual transmission. The output; however, did not remain the same as the CCR pushes out 795 horsepower at 6,900 RPM and 680 lb-ft of torque at 5,700 RPM due to the addition of another supercharger. The Twin Rotex superchargers increased output for the CCR by 140 horsepower and 130 lb-ft torque over the CC8S. As a result, the CCR is able to go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds and on to a claimed top speed of 245 mph, although the actual world record that Koenigsegg set was at 241.01 mph in 2005, only to be trumped by the Veyron’s 253.81 mph record.

World record or not, this car wasn’t made to put trophies on a shelf. This car was purpose-built by Koenigsegg to scare your exceedingly boring great-grandmother out of her grave, and with this leaned out and improved build over the CC8S, there are 14 very angry zombie great-grandmothers out there.

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Question by anna: Will colleges still accept me with a suspension record? (urgent!)?
My record has been spotless until now.

I am in full honors classes and am currently maintaining a 4.8 gpa. I’m on the board of our school chapter’s art club and am also on the school tennis team, which has won the city League championships for the last 10 years or so. I’ve done around 50 hours of community service work and intend on doing more this upcoming summer, and my SAT score was 2220.

I was involved in a situation that went a little too over my head and got suspended for three days for theft. Since then, I’ve spent my time doing community service on weekends and spending time with special ed kids in the Best Buddies town chapter. Will colleges still look at me?

I’m looking into UCs and private colleges at the moment.
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Best answer:

Answer by Spunk
If you were suspended for drugs, yes. Don’t worry about it. If you were suspended for academic dishonesty, that’s a totally different story…. it really depends. Theft? hmm… I’m not really sure. Yeah it depends on what you stole. Answers to a test? Bad thing. But I’m not sure about theft in general….

What do you think? Answer below!
Ameling, Fredrick, 33, 724 W. Main St., Newark, disorderly conduct, $ 150, 30 days in jail, 25 days suspended. Annarino, Wendy R., 30, 71 S. 32nd St., Newark, driving under FRA suspension, $ 175. Blankenship, William R. III, 22, 449 S. 30th St., Apt. 6 …
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21 Responses to “2004 Koenigsegg CCR Overview – World Record Car”

  • someoneqc:

    Information on the machine PART 2 of 3 :
    Inventium Hydraulic Clutch
    Original Belt
    Original Drive Clutch
    Original Chain case
    Wall 12 Tooth Drive Sprocket
    Track: Modified Camoplast Asphalt Track, 8 inches wide, thinned and grooved
    Front – Stock Lowered Front Suspension
    Grebo Precision skis 3D/UHMW 8 Inch Wheels

    Rear - Star Suspensions built / 18 – 10 inch UHMW wheels

  • someoneqc:

    Information on the machine PART 1 of 2 :
    Original Chassis
    1000 cc
    Supercharger kit, stage 3, 25 PSI Boost
    Air to Air Intercooler modified to Liquid-Air cool
    Fuel: C-16
    Water Injection
    Reinforced Cylinder Block
    Low-Compression Pistons
    Carillo Rods
    Original Modified Injection
    Original Electrical System
    Cooling: Non-Pressurized Water Reserve

  • someoneqc:

    Non c’étais à Val-d’Or, Québec.

  • shift4life:

    four strokes dont need to be rebuilt as often and four strokes are taking over regardless of wat u think i have 2 strokes they are a blast but four is just as good if not better

  • tomrune92:

    lol.. he may hit almost 180mph, but NEVEr as an orginale engine:P the arctic cat z1 is the fastest produces sled in the world, this isn`t.

  • mattmatt115:

    he has a pussy a cock and an ass?
    holy shit hes talented!

    umm actually hes right you queer
    the motor is ORIGINAL
    and hes more right when he says if you strap an oxygen tank to your face, your lungs are still original. or did he put in aftermarket ones?

    the track is still orginal if you change the wheels, whats not original is the wheels
    Its a fucking supercharger not a stroker

  • 8lugz:

    well ive ridden 2 strokes up to 6 years
    before needing rings and thats in
    sand dunes on a banshee,and when
    they need it,it is WAY cheaper than a
    four stroke to rebuild,LESS moving parts= way more power….

  • activeofthe85:

    hey avez vous fait sa a east angus ???

  • yamiboost:

    Ok you don’t understand what original motor means so here you have it: Its the motor that was bought in the sled adding a turbo or sc don’t change the motor it just gives it more air. If you wanted to see a speed like this in a skidoo you would need a yamaha motor or some other aftermarket so it would not be the original one get it?

  • arcticcatkid13:

    arctic cat has the worlds fastest stock production snowmobile…. the z1 turbo

  • Nik Demopoulos:

    artic cats may get there but a 2 stroke turbo will not last very long against the fours.

  • jsmallwood2007:

    light is king agreed

  • falcon8r:

    Not that I am an artic cat fan, the new turbo m 1000s 2strokes can make over 500hp. By the end of the season 2009, the 4strokes will have company. I ride ski-doo’s– very light 09′ xp-x,06′ & o5 summits revs. Light is king in the mountains.

  • Brian74L:

    hey i got a job for you too ok , WHY DON’T YOU GROW A PAIR did you get that

  • jsmallwood2007:

    great logic buddy…so if you eat a handfull of sugar(fuel) and suck on a hose of pure oxygen its not your original heart(motor) anymore lol….if you put a ball cap on your head its not your original head…lol you have to be fucking with me nobody is that stupid

  • Brian74L:

    yea you fucking idiot if you put a fucking large wheel kit with the track it isnt fucking original you stupid fuck . holy shit can you some how manage to get that through your fucking stupid head

  • Brian74L:

    yea original does mean stock and i dont give a fuck what every body else says

  • preswill:

    Talk to your school’s counselor. If you could, try to get it removed.

    I’m not a lawyer nor an admission officer, but I think you’re okay.

  • superspooky78:

    Alot of colleges are so competitive and money hungry nowadays they dont care about your record.

  • T. Ali Al Raisi:
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    It also support to players where you can race against a second player on the same machine.


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    Reaches my expectation, January 25, 2011
    Z. Zhang (USA) –

    = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
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    –stunning graphics considering the tech level of 06
    –almost the same physics as those in PSP ones
    –customization, great idea, although they could’ve offered more options
    –increased difficulty from PSP ones, races are no longer total dominations

    –There doesn’t seem to be a special class or I am not far enough
    –Too many manufacturers, the managing relationship points can be an awful headache
    –unlocking requirements are a little weird

    It’s fun game, not a serious racing game. If you are stressed out by Gran Turismo and want to relax, or if you are not great at racing games but want some fun at high speed, go for it.

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