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3 Surprising Caribbean Facts

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by a&nota

Article by Giovanni Grant

The Caribbean is definitely a fascinating place, and there are plenty of amazing things to discover about the location, beyond the obvious sea and sand. While there are many attractions in the Caribbean for a couple hoping to get married against the brilliant white sand and glittering waves, there are a wealth of interesting facts that can lend a little extra resonance to a wedding. Caribbean couples just might be getting married at one of the first places life occurred on Earth, and if the thought appeals, then there’s plenty more to discover in the Caribbean. Here are the top three facts that might surprise you about the Caribbean.

The Beginnings of Life

Some researchers believe that the oldest evidence of life on Earth can be found on Exuma. On the eastern shores of the island, there is a limestone reef known as a stromatolite. Stromatolites are types of land that form from sea life, and the unique conditions around Exuma (consisting of low wave energy, sedimentation deposits, and low rates of plant life) were contributing factors to the formation of this ancient reef. When it comes to a wedding, Caribbean islands are popular as some of the most beautiful backdrops on Earth, but few couples know about this ancient heritage.

Pirate Havens

The Caribbean has always been a popular getaway destination – but in the 1700’s it was less popular with casual tourists, and more popular with pirates! The islands might not have been the place to visit back then for a wedding. Caribbean havens were used by the likes of Blackbeard, who actually ruled over Nassau for a period in the 18th century, although his reign came to an end in 1718, when a pardon was offered to all the pirates of Nassau who would give up their evil ways – which many did!

The Legendary Lusca

This is the name given to a mythical monster dwelling in the ‘blue holes’ you might explore when you go SCUBA diving just offshore. Deep-sea exploration is revealing the scientific secrets of the blue holes, such as bacteria adapted to survive in the immense pressures of the blue holes, and able to live without requiring oxygen. With such discoveries, many island residents believe it is only a matter of time before the legendary Lusca makes an appearance at a wedding! Caribbean residents will describe the beast as similar to a giant squid or octopus, which might make it a guest you’d rather not have show up to your special day!

Giovanni Grant is the District Sales Manager for The Bahamas Tourist Office, an organisation that can help you discover the best holidays in The Bahamas. If you’re planning a wedding, Caribbean destinations can provide the whole package, and if you want to book Caribbean honeymoons , we are only a click away.

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