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4 Myths On Women And Weight Training

Guys…your wife is watching your biceps getting bigger! Is she jealous? Does she want to start “bodybuilding” but is afraid of getting TOO big? She secretly wants that finely chiseled body, too!

Here’s how she can build muscle for a lean, sexy physique without the fear of embarrassing you with bigger arms as you walk down the beach…

There are a lot of myths around women and bodybuilding and they just don’t seem to die. I’d like to share with you an article that sheds light on women and weight training that will pave the path for your wife or girlfriend to adopt the bodybuilding lifestyle with you.

That’s right. We’re going to bust the women and weight training myths right NOW!

Who better to do that than a woman who weight trains and understands your wife’s fears regarding women and weights?

Women and Weight Training Myth #1 – Weight training will make woman huge and manly.

BUSTED – Like most people, when you think of women and weight training you automatically relate that image to the professional female bodybuilder strutting her oiled-up mammoth physique across stage and striking a pose.

What’s NOT mentioned is that 99.9% of the professional female bodybuilders supplement with steroids to develop superhuman muscles.

By the law of nature, women do not produce near the amount of muscle building hormone, testosterone, necessary to build huge swollen, vein-popping muscles. A woman is just not capable of building that type of massive muscle simply by lifting weights.

Bottom line: Weight training will NOT make a woman big and overly muscular.

Women and Weight Training Myth #2 – Women who weight train will lose their breast size.

BUSTED – (pardon the pun) Breast tissue is made up of primarily fat tissue. A loss of body fat will results in smaller breast size.

Weight training develops muscle tissue. Adding strength training will develop the underlying chest muscle on a woman and can add more shape to her upper body, creating those eye-pleasing and sexy curves. In addition, a good chest training program will add stunning high cleavage for that perfect fit in a dress or bikini.

To put it bluntly, the only way for a woman to lose her breast size is if she loses a lot of body fat.

Women and Weight Training Myth #3 – A woman’s muscle will turn into fat if she stops weight training.

BUSTED – There is an astronomical amount of women who won’t weight train for fear their muscle will somehow magically turn into fat if they stop weight training.

Again, muscle and fat are two completely different tissues responsible for their own functions. Muscle is metabolically active (calorie burning) and fat is metabolically inactive (fat storing).

Muscle CANNOT Ever, In Any Case, turn into fat any more than fat can turn into muscle. One can only build or lose muscle OR gain or lose fat. The two separate tissues are not interchangeable.

Women and Weight Training Myth #4 – Muscle weighs more than fat.

BUSTED – It’s no wonder women believe this ridicules statement. Dr. Phil has been known to say it in his highly publicized weight-loss book.

It’s a fact that a pound of muscle and a pound of fat weigh the same, a pound. What most women don’t realize is that a pound of muscle is denser and takes up less space than a pound of fat.

Therefore, having more developed muscle on the female frame with less body fat will make her leaner, tighter, and give off that “toned” look they are after.

Bottom line: Adding natural muscle mass through weight training accentuates a lady’s femininity.

Endless Benefits for Women Who Weight Train:

Has training partner by default

Improves stamina

Improves sex life

Lifts and shapes the booty

Relieves depression

Builds a shapely physique

Improves posture Controls weight

Builds positive self-image

Creates a positive attitude

Builds character

Boosts immune system

Clears the mind

Creates more energy

Benefits other sports

Raises resting metabolic rate

Slows the aging process

Decreases chance of injury

Builds a stronger heart

Creates an anti-aging effect

Improves digestion

Relieves chronic pain

Builds stronger bones

Improves circulation

Improves flexibility

Lowers LDL (bad)

Increases HDL (good)

Lowers hypertension

Lowers risk for cancers

Lowers risk of heart disease

Lowers the risk of diabetes

Makes you a happy partner

A woman with a well-shaped body through weight training will feel better about herself. In addition, she’ll better understand the process you go through to develop your physique, and have a better appreciation for weight training.

There’s a special bond with a couple that trains together.

Karen Sessions has been in the fitness industry since 1988. She is a nationally qualified bodybuilder and holds two personal training certifications. She has written 6 ebooks on fitness and has helped hundreds of clients transform their bodies.

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Mr. Feeny is offered a job as a professor at Pennbrook college.

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9 Responses to “4 Myths On Women And Weight Training”

  • Mad Mama:

    Huckabee doesn’t stand a chance of being elected now.

  • celtic_saltire:

    B.U.L.L.$ .H.I.T

  • Sean:

    Well after this incident he knows he’s fucked if he does it again.

  • You Need Me!:

    Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with the fact of this situation before you ask a question about a made-up scenerio.

  • Demsmierda:

    Obama will pardon him first.

    The Ft. Hood Shooter is one of Obama’s Bros.

  • electablegod:

    Probably not.

    Many of us Republicans have wanted the huckster long gone and far away. It’s a damn shame that it took 4 murdered cops to expose his religious nonsense relevant to the pardoning of a monster.

  • Arminius Victorium Germanicus:

    I do not trust reactionary slimeball crackpots in any instance, with anything. The neo-Nazi ultra-right in America is the only political organization I know of to employ massive number of insane, corrupt, lying, degenerate, uneducated FILTH as propagandists and then suggest, as convenient, these selfsame scum are “news”, “patriots”, or “just entertainers”.

    But you need not worry about this particular lunatic. I do not trust him, but he will NEVER be elected to another public office.

    In fact, even without this episode, it seem minimally possible he would’ve ever held office again.

    Out of step with the times, trying to sell “crazy soap” to the insane maggots who form the rank and file of the neo-Nazi reactionary filth movement…who cares what these insane chickenshits think, if they think at all?

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