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6 Easy Ways to Get Re-Tweeted

Article by Jahn I. Bek

It is rather common for people to gravitate towards appreciation and attention. Of course, there are people out there (i.e. celebrities, athletes etc) who can tweet a fart (pardon our french) and it will generate ton of buzz. For the most of us, it is a significant effort to generate serious interest from our tweets that would enable the reader to re-send that message across to their networks. had conducted interviews with successful entrepreneurs and business professionals who have built solid brands by using Twitter. Here is a compilation of 6 easy yet effective ways to get re-tweeted that you should incorporate into your Social Media Strategy:

1. The Use of Links

Adding links in your tweets can significantly increase your chances of retweet. According to a research, the tweets that contain a link are re-tweeted more often than those without. Be aware of the link shortnerers such as and others, as the user is less likely to click on an unknown link rather than the one they can clearly identify.

2. Time and day matter

Another solid solution to getting your Tweets Re-tweeted is to establish a schedule. Tweeting on the right time definitely increases your chances of getting retweeted. Research shows that to maximize your chances you should tweet in the afternoons, evenings and on weekdays. We find that some tweets also get re-tweeted

3. Choice of Words

The majority of the Tweets out there are about people tweeting about themselves. We recommend avoiding such common acronyms as lmao, ttyl, brb, clm

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