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A biased report about ISI

Instead of discussing the contents of the report of London School of Economics, I will emphasis on some other angles of the same issue. First of all let me raise some questions.

 Why we should believe that CIA has no links with Taliban?
If Pakistan is supporting Afghani Taliban so then who is supporting Pakistani Taliban?
If India is supporting Pakistani Taliban and Pakistan is supporting Afghani Taliban against one other so then who is fighting against US and NATO? And who are their supporters?
Why is this report silent about the objectives of Taliban, Pakistan, India and America in this region?
Why this report concentrates only on Pakistan’s supported Taliban?


   The triangle of Taliban, Pakistan and America is a knot, whose split ends are difficult to locate. We all know that how Pakistan and America launched Taliban movement in Afghanistan. But now the question is that whether Taliban has completed the task that was handed over to them or still it is incomplete? Or each corner of the triangle has changed its stance? This triangle becomes a challenging riddle when in this changed scenario we try to determine and agree on the objectives of Pakistan, Taliban, and America. According to one of the confusing concepts, Taliban are American agents and they want to destabilize Pakistan. But this concept is declared controversial in the sense that why Taliban attacks American forces and why America is firm in destroying Taliban?

      Some analysts think that the above concept does not create a scenario that can satisfy moderate journalists and analysts on international level. Because those journalists and analysts can raise the questions that if America is involved in destabilizing Pakistan so why she is giving aids and loans to Pakistan? What are the reasons of Drone attacks on Taliban? Moreover, why the entire world supports the war on terror?

      It is a fact that these concepts are confusing but let’s see this hypothesis from another angle. Last year America raised the issue of leakage of information to Taliban from Pakistan intelligence agencies that leads to unsuccessful Drone attacks. She propagated the concept of strong relationship between Pakistani intelligence agencies and Taliban. But again the question is that why America over and again trust Pakistani Agencies? Why they give aid to Pakistan army? And if Pakistan has links with Taliban so who is involved in terrorist attacks inside Pakistan? Pakistani agencies may involve in providing information to Taliban in Pakistani preemies but how Taliban escapes from American forces inside Afghanistan?

      We feel no difficulty to believe that ISI may have still relations with Taliban but how it is possible that CIA which nourished Al-Qaida and Taliban and used them for their selfish interests, have no links with them now? When Pakistani Judiciary and agencies release Taliban so these analysts raise very serious repercussion of that but what about CIA, which released several terrorists and now those released Taliban are leaders of Taliban Movement. If even after American objections on Pakistan’s dual policy, America have relations with Pakistan and the world is not raising objections about American techniques so we must not shy to

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