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A Far Better Hope

getting a pardon
by skampy

Article by Sexperiment28

In a real sense the world is on death row. I have been to prison, only visiting, and I have seen death row. It is a depressing place. These folks are condemned to die. The moment we sin, the moment we make one little mistake before a Holy God, we were on death row. And all the world finds itself on death row. The great news is that God loved the world so much, even while we were on death row, he sent Jesus Christ to take the death penalty for your sins and mine. If we have received that, we have been pardoned. We have been set free. Pardoned.

The Bible says this in Hebrews 7:19, “But now we have a far better hope, for Christ makes us acceptable to God…” Many of us have accepted Christ, but do you realize that God has accepted you because you have been pardoned? Now we may draw near to Him. The Christian life would be worth it even if there was no such thing as heaven, just to have a clear conscience. It really would. One of the number one causes of hopelessness is shame and guilt and the evil one likes to stuff our pockets full of shame and guilt. He whispers to us, “You are going to be punished for that. God will get you back for that one. He is going to hammer you. You had better look over your shoulder, because one night you will be walking down the street and God will come up behind you and wham you and punish you.” Those are lies, Christians.

Satan is a liar, he is the father of lies, he is the greatest liar in the history of the world. He has been lying for thousands and thousands and thousands of years and he keeps most of us hemmed in and limited. He keeps most of us who are in Christ hopeless because he whispers lies to us day in and day out. “You can’t do that because of your past.” “God can’t use you any more because of what you did last week or last month or last year.” We have got to call him a liar and remember that we have been pardoned. We will suffer consequences but we are not condemned. Christ took the punishment once and for all, it is over, signed, sealed and delivered. Now we can go on and live our lives according to Ed Young Jr. We have been pardoned.

Ed Young Jr talks about The Sexperiment.

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