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A look at infamous Pirates

Article by Dave Tug

Taking a look at some of the most infamous pirates in history. We pick 3 of the most famous pirates and see what made them so great Captain Morgan, Captain Kidd and Jean-David Nau

Captain MorganFrom kidnap to knighthood, a colourful careerHenry Morgan’s life was packed with adventure. He was kidnapped as a child from his native Wales and borne away to Barbados. As a buccaneer he made highly successful raids on Spanish and Dutch ships in the West Indies, and captured Porto Bello and Panama. When Anglo-Spanish relations improved he was arrested, but when fighting began again, he was knighted by Charles II. In 1674, aged 40 and very wealthy, Morgan returned to his old hunting grounds and became deputy Governor of Jamaica.

Captain KiddThe privateer turned pirate who met a sticky endScottish-born William Kidd sailed to New York and built up a thriving merchant fleet. In the 1680s, during hostilities with France, he was a privateer protecting American and English ships in the West Indies. He went to London, and was sent to fight pirates in the Indian Ocean. In Madagascar he was forced by his crew to attack not only pirates but any merchant ship. He returned to America an outlaw. Surrendering and promised a pardon, he agreed to return to London. There in 1701 he was hanged at Execution Dock, and his body tarred and hung in chains.

Jean-David NauThe brutal beast devoured by cruelty and cannibals nicknamed l’Ollonais, the notorious Jacques Jean David may well have been the most appalling pirate in history. Born around 1634, he joined the merchant service and later became a buccaneer in the West Indies. Reviled for his great cruelty, he loathed the Spanish, and tortured, raped and butchered hundreds of captives. After a major defeat, he escaped by burying himself among bloodied corpses and continued to pillage and plunder throughout the Caribbean. In 1668 he was finally captured on the Colombian coast and eaten by cannibals. Many would have liked to wish them ‘bon appétit’.

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