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A Look on How to Obtain Criminal Records Online

When looking for criminal records online, there are a lot of reasons and purposes behind this particular activity and this can be helpful in many ways depending on the results obtained during the search. There are several ways which an individual can opt to choose when looking for these records and these include going online with the help of criminal records search service providers or physically search records through a multitude of possible records repositories from different jurisdictions.

As we enter into the era of technological advancement, almost all information can be obtained with the help of the internet and this includes criminal records compiled by different law enforcement agencies and third party entities. There are plenty of websites offering services on records search and most of them are private third party websites with the purpose of providing the public with a source where they can obtain up to date and accurate information with regards to the records they are looking for. Although it has to be understood that most of these websites are subscription based and those that offer free services are seldom guaranteed to come up with correct information and most of the time, what they offer to the public are obsolete records meaning that it was never updated ever since it was uploaded in their online databanks.

When conducting a criminal records search online, you have to understand that there two major providers of these particular records. The first are criminal records search service providers offering free record lookups in their online database. While this could be helpful sometimes since you are not required to pay anything when searching for a particular record, what you have to understand is that most often, these records are seldom updated and there are chances that once they have uploaded records obtained from other sources, it is never cross checked to other existing sources to find out whether there are some missing information that must be included in that record. There are also some states that do not have centralized online records repositories so chances are, criminal records from these particular jurisdictions will never be included in their database unless they perform a physical search on that particular state which seldom happens in the first place because of their dependence to what they can conveniently obtain from online sources.

Another way of conducting a records lookup is through subscription from criminal records search service providers which offers a more physical and productive approach when it comes to looking for criminal records. They have their own methods of compiling and researching for any existing records from different counties and states which can result to more comprehensive and detailed database for criminal records and other records that are publicly accessible. This offers a more convenient way of performing a personal records lookup where you know you can actually obtain positive results with more accurate and reliable information. For an initial amount of nominal subscription fee, you will be able to have access on thousands of criminal records from different jurisdictions without leaving the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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This article defines the difference between free and subscription based online criminal records search service providers. It also allows the readers to understand why it is more practical to use the services offered by websites requiring membership before being given access to different types of records.

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Question by 2tired2rgue: When doing a criminal background check, is it state specific or national?
There are a lot of on-line services that do criminal background checks – what I am not certain of is do they check all states at once or just the one that the individual lives in?

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Answer by Anne C
I’m a therapist with children, I have to get one every year. Mine is only good in the state I live in. I’m not sure how well states communicate.

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3 Responses to “A Look on How to Obtain Criminal Records Online”

  • Bill H:

    It depends on the level of the check. There are County, State, and Federal level checks that can be run.

  • backgrounds003:

    There is not a nationwide criminal background check available to the public. There are several multi state checks that have data from various states, and mostly this data is from the department of corrections. A true background check should identify the residential history of the individual and check with every county and city based upon that residential history. Counties are the only true keepers of crimnal records, and the majority of the time, the county does not sell that data to any company, which is why most of the online services lack. You should ask to see a jurisdiction coverage list from whatever database vendor you might purchase data from, to make sure that it includes the areas you are looking for.

  • Kellie A:

    Most reputable criminal background check services will include all of the states.

    Not only do they include all states in the background check that they provide, but they also include information that is on the federal level.

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