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A New Start With Canadian Pardon and US Visa Waiver Program

Learn how Pardon Services Canada can help you remove your criminal record. Azmairnin Jadavji, President & CEO, discusses how Pardon Services Canada has been helping clients for over 20 years. Visit www.pardonservicescanada.com for more information.

According to Wikipedia, a pardon is a forgiveness of a crime and the penalty associated with it. If someone committed a crime, he can apply for a pardon and it will depend on the body governing it to approve the application. In Canada, pardon is govern by the Parole Board of Canada.It is a federal agency which can issue, grant, deny and revoke pardons under the Criminal Records Act.

A pardon is an acknowledgment that a certain person is of a good moral and conduct. The criminal records are taken out from the Canadian Police Information Center, and kept away from other criminal records that are not pardoned. Once it is recognized, it can’t be accessed by anyone unless the Solicitor of Canada permits to do so. The pardon can be revoked by the Parole Board once another crime is committed.

A pardon hides criminal offenses while a waiver allows US official to review your record and decide whether it is small enough to allow entry. It is through waiver that someone can enter the US legally without the risk of being detained and deported.

Canadian pardons and US Waiver are both important to someone planning to start a new life in Canada and to those who wants to look for a greener pasture in the US. These two privileges could remove the hindrances affecting different aspects of life.


It is a standard operating procedure to most companies to conduct background check of every applicant before hiring them. A single and tiny criminal offense will surely affect the process of hiring.

Promotions and Career Advancement

Before promoting an employee, most companies also conduct background check to see if the person is worthy and dignified enough to hold a position. If they found out criminal offenses in the record, the person will not get the promotion and may even be fired.

Apartment Rental/Loans

Standard rental and loan forms always ask for past criminal records. Background checking is also usually conducted before granting the space and lending an amount.

People will always judge no matter how big or small a criminal offense may be. As long as these records are open to public to access, it will be difficult to start a new life, So what are you waiting for? Get a Canadian pardons and a US Waiver now.

Don’t let your past hold back your future. Visit LegalEaseDocs.com, an expert inUSA waiver and Canadian Pardons.

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