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A Pardon Is Not a Get Out of Jail Free Card

A common misconception regarding pardon applications is that once a pardon is granted, the criminal record is removed from all systems and the record is wiped clean.  The purpose of a pardon is to seal a person’s criminal record once they meet the eligibility requirements.  This means they have been crime free for three, five or ten years depending on the seriousness of their offence or offences.  This also means that that person has proven to the National Parole Board that they deserve the pardon, that they need it to better their life, and that they meet the requirements to be granted a pardon.

If a person can prove that they meet the pardon eligibility requirements they will be granted a pardon so that they can pass security checks, apply for jobs, travel and volunteer among other things.  However, the terms of a granted pardon are conditional on that person remaining crime free.  If a person with a pardon granted faces new charges, their previous offences will be brought forward.   If that person is then convicted, their pardon is overturned and their entire record is in the system again.

It is important for people to know that having a pardon does not give a person a free pass or blank slate so that they can commit additional  crimes and receive less serious sentences.  If a person receives a pardon and reoffends then the pardon granted decision is overturned and they are back to where they were before.  With the new pardon laws recently passed by the Canadian government this also means that the National Parole Board will take any past offences, and the overturned pardon, into consideration if that person applies for a pardon again in the future.  With new offences, eligibility wait times will once again reflect the most recent conviction.

Pardons are not get out of jail free cards, nor do they permanently erase a person’s criminal record. Pardons are intended to seal criminal records for people who have learned from their mistakes and who have made a conscious effort to move ahead with their lives by living crime free.  The pardon system is in place to allow people who have demonstrated their rehabilitation to apply to have their record sealed so that it no longer negatively impacts their day to day life.

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Jared Church is a voting member of the Paralegal Society of Canada, and a leading expert in the field of Canadian Pardons, U.S. Entry Waivers, criminal record systems, and similar legal matters in Canada. Feel free to Email Jared your questions at info@ExpressPardons.com For more information on the author’s Pardon Society of Canada and Better Business Bureau accredited firm, visit www.ExpressPardons.com

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