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A Pardonable Man

In a town, there is a gambling house which has attracted many people. Almost every people in the town know the place and have played in it. As an afterhours activity, the gambling house has offered people happiness. Many people who are wearing cheap tiffany jewelry go to the gambling house. However, a person made all the customers worried. The man called John who usually extorted money from the all the customers. All the people hated him but did not dare to blame him. Because John was so outrageous that no one could disobey him. One day, John went into the house again. He asked all the people to give money to him. When he walked to Beck, a surprising thing happened. Beck hated John all the time, this time, he did not give money. Beck said, you are rich, we even do not own the tiffany cufflinks, I will not give you money any more. The words made John especially angry and beated Beck. All the people helped Beck, but could not beat John. At last, Beck went home and took out a knife. No one could imagine that he would kill John. However, every people said that Beck had done a very good thing. In the police station, all the people signed on a letter, they required the police to reduce the time in jail for Beck. Beck’s wife also cried in the police station and sent Beck a tiffany jewelry sale as a belief. At last, the court decided to reduce the time for Beck. With the wish of common people, Beck was saved a lot.

Question by : What would you write in your pardon letter to a politician?
If you were in prison and needed to be pardoned what would you write in your pardon letter?

Best answer:

Answer by Tanner Goin
I’d tape a time bomb on the back. >:)

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
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From 1840 to 1848, journalist C. M. Haile published a series of mock letters-to-the-editor in the New Orleans Picayune under the pseudonym “Pardon Jones.” With their rural dialect, outlandish and amusing characters, and farcical situations, the letters proved extremely popular with readers and became a regular feature in the newspaper. In C. M. Haile’s “Pardon Jones” Letters, Ed Piacentino collects all of Haile’s sixty-seven epistles, highlighting this trove of Old Southwest humor and the proli

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2 Responses to “A Pardonable Man”

  • Robert Jones:

    HELP i am innocent!!

  • CS:

    It would certainly depend with each situation, but I would write honestly what had happened, both during the arrest and during the trial. And unless I’d had a reason, like self-defense, I wouldn’t mention the crime if I had actually committed it.

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