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A Surprising New World Order is About to Start

This is a documentary about fulfilling one of my dreams. I am building my dream car, the Mad Max Interceptor. There is currently 3 parts to see! Pardon all the verbal pauses. I will remedy that in the next video. In this video is how I got started and where I am at on the project. I imported a car from Australia to Ohio, USA; the kind of car that was used to build the famous movie car. This is part 1 of who knows how many videos. I just decided to capture the progress in a documentary for others to enjoy. You can learn a LOT more about the project at my website about my car. It is about a year and a half behind as I ran out of free hosting space, never thinking I would use all of it. My plan to host it at my own “paid for” hosting account was thwarted when I learned I would have to build the whole site over again. Anyways, you can see a lot about my car, the parts I got for it including “Mad Max” parts, info about the XA – XC series Falcons, the movie car, and much more at .

A Surprising New World Order is about to start.

Our world will soon (as in years rather than decades), be facing a global crisis which will herald its end.

The Bible as a Guide

The people behind this article:

We take the Bible as our only rule. After having devoted considerable time to its study, especially chapters referring to our future, we have realized that we must share with you what we have learned. This knowledge is of utmost importance.

Why do you take the Bible so seriously?

Because we discovered how accurate it is – so accurate, that even predictions made thousands of years earlier occurred in the very day foretold, to the very letter. This

has compelled us to conclude that there is an all-knowing God behind the Bible, who is not bound by time and knows the end from the beginning.

We would not have taken the Bible so seriously if God had not demonstrated such complete control and knowledge of the future. This mastery is revealed

most clearly in two books:Daniel in the Old Testament and The Revelation in the New


Fulfilled Bible Prophecies

An example of a fulfilled prediction

In the book of Daniel, chapter 2, God outlined in a dream to the Babylonian king that from his time until the end of time, the world would witness only four world empires. History has proved what God pre-ordained. The four world empires were:

Babylon (605 BC-538 BC),

Medo-Persia (538 BC-331 BC),

Greece (331 BC-168 BC), and

Rome (168 BC-476 AD).

He further revealed that Rome would be split into ten territories and that in the time of these territories the end will come. History is proving the accuracy of God’s word: Rome was divided into ten nations from which present-day Europe has emerged.

See Daniel 7 & 8.

The purpose of the Bible prophecies

It is to warn us about future crises in order to save us:

e.g. God warned Noah of the coming flood. People had to obey the warning in faith.

A Most Fearful and Solemn Warning


The most solemn prophetic warning is yet to be fulfilled. Today, there is nothing more

important for us to understand than this prophecy because events are taking place in rapid

succession indicating its imminent fulfillment.

Please read Revelation 14:9-12.

The fearful warning in the above passage describes two groups of people.

The first group is heading to receive the mark of the beast; while the second group is viewed positively as keeping the commandments of God. Furthermore, the description of

the second coming of Christ directly follows this warning. Therefore, we know that this is

the last warning given before the second coming of Christ.

How to avoid worshipping the beast and his image and receiving his

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