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Abrogation in Islam

Rachel Maddow compares lame duck George Bush who was busy pardoning turkeys while president elect Barack Obama gave three consecutive press conferences about the economy, she watches a thanksgiving ad praising Sarah Palin, and gives thanks that we will no longer have a presidential administration filled with criminals and cronies. Happy thanksgiving! —————- From the department of awkward timing: Days after video of Sarah Palin’s interview in front of slaughtered turkeys became a web sensation, the conservative group Our Country Deserves Better releases a Thanksgiving-themed ad “thanking” Palin. The opening of the spot features an announcer praising Palin…in front of images of roasted turkeys. Some text from the email announcing the advertisement: Friends, too many times we’ve seen politicians who “sell out” to the media or political pressure and succumb to politically correct, liberal positions, rather than fight for conservative beliefs. But Gov. Sarah Palin has stood steadfast by her conservatism, both in public as a politician, and in her own private life – carrying to full term her baby boy, Trig, rather than opting out for an abortion as some would have had her done. She believed in the value of that life, just as she believes in the greatness of America. It’s time for us to stand behind Sarah Palin now, not just to support her, but to also show other politicians that if they take the risk to champion conservative ideals, that they will find support from


The acts of pre-meditated massacres committed by Muslim extremists against Christians in the Muslim world, has become a phenomenon that needs to be addressed by the United Nations and the Arab League as well as the United States, Europe, and other nations.


We have seen the massacre of Christian worshippers by Muslim extremists in late October of 2010 in the church of Our Lady of Salvation in Baghdad. In the New Year, the world witnessed another massacre against Christians in the Church of the Saints in Alexandria, Egypt, committed by Muslim extremists.


In March 2010, Muslim men from the Fulani tribe in Nigeria, armed with swords and machetes, arrived at the Christian villages in the early hours of the morning killing several hundred of Christians.


There are 35-40 million Christians living in countries whose majority are Muslims. Some 15 million live in Indonesia; 12 million live in Egypt; 3 million in Pakistan; less than one million in Iraq and 2 percent in Jerusalem. In Turkey, the Christian population numbers around 1% of the total population of 75 million. In Syria, Christians count for less than 10 percent of the population. In Lebanon the number went down from about 55 percent 75 years ago to under 30 percent today. At present rate in the Middle East, the Christians will, in a decade, have been substantially reduced to the point that they will loose their cultural vitality and political significance. The exodus is a result of the unprecedented persecution of Christians by Muslim extremists as we have seen in the last few months.




Islamic Invasion of the Middle East in the 7th Century

On the eve of Islamic invasion of the Middle East in the seventh century, more than 95 percent of the population, not including Persia, was Christians. The rest were Jews, pagans and others. Back then, the Muslim attitude toward the People of the Book, as Christians and Jews are called in the Quran, does not entail any obligation on the part of the Muslims either to convert or to exterminate them.


Following the death of the Prophet of Islam in 632, the second successor, Calipha ‘Umar, had a covenant with the Christian majority of the Middle East; it is known as the Covenant of ‘Umar. The Covenant was in the form of a letter presented by the Christian community; it reads the following: “When you (i.e. ‘Umar) came to us, we asked you for safety for our lives, our families, our property, and the people of our religion on the conditions: to pay tribute out of hand and be humiliated; not to hinder any Muslim from stopping in our churches by night or day, to entertain him there three days and give him food there and open to him their doors; to beat the ‘naqus’ (the wooden board which serves as ‘bell’ amongst the Eastern Christians) only gently.…and not to raise our voices in them in chanting;. . . .not to build a church, convent, or hermitage, or cell, nor repair those that are dilapidated; nor assemble in any that is in a Muslim quarter, nor in their presence; not to display idolatry, nor invite to it, nor show a cross on our churches, nor in any of the roads or markets of the

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