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ADHD in Children – What Every Single Parent Must Know About ADHD Treatment

Article by V K Rajagopalan

ADHD in children has become alarmingly common, and the number of children undergoing treatment for this malady increases every year. A lot of people, including countless medical experts, believe that this is happening on account of current guidelines which physicians are propelled to follow when screening boys and girls for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. In other words, they think there are plenty of boys and girls being improperly diagnosed with the illness on account of existing guidelines.

On the reverse end of the spectrum, we have psychiatrists, psychologists and pediatricians who argue that the increase in cases is solely owing to superior screening procedures. The point of this article is not really to reinforce or discredit either of these opinions, but instead, it’s to help mums and dads acquire a better insight with regards to the most often prescribed ADHD prescription drugs.

Being told your child is suffering from a mental health difficulty can quite understandably be particularly upsetting, and when a child psychologist indicates that there are treatments available for managing the problem, and that those treatments would permit their little one to live a normal life, many mothers and fathers agree to such treatment options.

The most torturous thing concerning all of this is in fact that parents are seldom told anything as far as the possible side effects of these treatments. As a matter of fact, they’re not even told much regarding the drugs at all. For instance, parents aren’t told about the fact that these medicines are amphetamine like drugs which are in the exact same category as cocaine, opium, and heroin.

Mothers and fathers are likewise never told that these are powerful mind altering substances which are known to cause feelings of suicide, particularly in children or teens that are susceptible to depression. These are NOT mild stimulant substances. They are powerful drugs which bring about results by changing brainwave activity, and in truth, nobody is sure of what the long-lasting consequences will be. Strangely enough, the United States armed forces won’t accept any individuals who have been treated with ADHD drugs throughout their teen years.

ADHD in children is treated using the identical substances used for treating mature persons, and they are regularly prescribed to children as early as six years of age. This practice persists, despite the fact that lots of boys and girls have already passed away as a direct result of these treatments. Several have taken their own lives, while others have died from cardiac arrest or other heart related issues.

Admittedly, there are millions of children consuming ADHD prescription drugs without any adverse side effects, however as a father or mother, are you genuinely happy to take the risk? What happens if your little one is given these medications, and then they die as a consequence of them? Who do you hold accountable? After all, the medical expert who prescribed the drug was only doing what he or she has been told to do.

Perhaps you can take the manufacturers to court, but can you possibly afford to fight these titans in court, and besides, if you live in the United States, and the medications are actually approved by the FDA, the corporation cannot be held accountable, which means you’ll need to fight the FDA. Pardon my skepticism, but I reckon Hell will freeze over before any dad or mum wins a legal battle against the FDA.

Fortunately for all those parents that are not willing to put the lives of their sons and daughters in jeopardy, there are nowadays a variety of alternative therapies out there. Some are of course more effective than others, but with a little bit research, you should be able to find one that is best for your little one. The bottom line is, pharmaceuticals aren’t the one and only treatment for ADHD in children.

If your’re interested in getting to know more about ADHD in children how it may be taken care of productively with no dependence on powerful stimulant medicines, please consider going to see my ADHD page at By V K Rajagopalan

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