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Adult ADD And Taxes

Article by John MacKenzie

I know you still have about three months until you have to file your U.S. tax forms, but now is a good time to think about taxes. Many adults with ADD would rather scrub the floor with a toothbrush then work on preparing their taxes. Here are some tips to help make taxes less taxing: (pardon the pun) 1. Set up a folder ( green, black, or red are good colors) or a box where you will put all of the tax forms that you are receiving now and put it with all of your other important documents.

2. Get Help – Hiring an accountant to help you prepare you taxes can save you from unnecessary financial anxiety, plus you don’t have to worry about missing potential tax breaks. There are also many computer programs (both on-line and on CD-Rom) that will help you step by step to prepare you own taxes. With these programs you should be able to file your taxes on-line, saving you a couple of steps of having to put the tax forms in a envelope, put a stamp on the envelope, and dropping it in the mailbox.

3. Get a tax buddy – I am not saying that you want to share all of your tax information with your friends, but if you view preparing your taxes as a social event you will be more likely to start and finish the task.

4. Many tax preparers are willing to offer you tax refund loans, where you can get most of your rebate immediately. Basically these refund loans are a rip-off that takes advantage of the impulsive nature of adults with ADD. With fees ranging from around $ 70 to $ 130 you are paying a steep price to get your money a week or two faster. If you need the money that quickly you probably need financial counseling to get your finances back on track.

About the Author

John MacKenzie is the assistant director of ADD Classes. He also writes a blog titled Adult ADD and Money

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