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Adult Funny Videos: Scrubs

Article by Mike Harris

Adult Funny Videos Invade The Industry

Who asserts adult videos can’t be funny? If you are not looking for the usual instantaneous gratification, and you just want to have 2 snorts while also enjoying a good adult film, there are a lot of adult funny videos to choose between. The genius behind adult funny videos is that it takes under consideration the flicks that you may have probably observed already and then spins it off into something that any amateur adult film director can make. Even a picture as obscure as Edward Scissorhands can become, pardon the pun, doable when you change it into something like Edward XXX. The internal images might be annoying but you have to appreciate the idea these people brought into relating scissors to adult content.

What is wonderful about adult funny videos is that by some bizarre or twisted reason, there is that slight probability that you’ll be entertained by these unusual mash-ups. Even if you don’t get turned on, the bigger chance is that you will get a kick out of it by laughing it off. Each year, the Academy Awards give newbie directors fresh material for adult funny videos that will spread like wildfire all over the internet.

A good adult film can be good for couples even if they are married or not. It can add spice and a little inspiration when hitting the sack and can even get shrewd women out of their comfortable small shells. Once you are open and accepting of adult films, you will notice that there truly isn’t anything different or strange about it and the reaction you get from watching it is just ordinary. Who cares about your bizarre, ridiculous desires? Everybody has one that they try and keep mum about.

If you’re shy or you do not know a way to go about adult films yet, you can begin with adult funny videos so at least you will be presented with material you are familiar with. The difficulty with many adult videos is that some of the themes are not exactly your thing. While a lot may be entertained by school nurses, dull librarians and forsaken housewives, you may be up for a different sort of class. It may be easier to digest watching adult funny videos on The Lord of the Rings than basically sitting thru more than six hours worth of classic journey.

Decent Hollywood films have been turned to countless adult funny videos that it’s been hard maintaining a tally of them all. Most of these transformations come from prize winning Hollywood films which makes the whole thing even funnier. There are no bounds to man’s creativity and ingenuity to spice each single concept up. One is reminded of the old proverb that if you add only one single phrase to every English sentence, you will come up with something totally dirty. That phrase is…if you know what I mean

All the creative titles in adult funny videos can be solved by adding ‘if you know what I mean’ in the final analysis but then again that will be too long and it will by far, be more enjoyable to observe a movie with Edward Penishands for a title.

About the Author

If you’re interested in checking out these hilarious parodies based on your favorite and classic American sitcoms with an adult edge. Then check out these sites for more information. The future of this up and coming industry is definitely worth checking out. Just click on these two links: Adult Funny and Adult Parody

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