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Affiliate Marketing Breakdown

Article by Shiraz

I am a simple man so pardon me if this is too simple for you, Affiliate Marketing, in its basic form, means you are promoting a company’s products in exchange for MONEY. It’s your business, working from home. The Internet and ‘Affiliate Marketing’ fit together like a hand and a glove, because they were made for each other. For many people who are just starting out in the world of ‘working from home, creating their own online business’, this is a fantastic way to start and earn some extra money.


Because you don’t have to create a product, buy the product, try the product, stock up on the product, do any hard selling of the product, ship the product to the customers, deal with any product issues.

All you have to do is market that product to people who are already interested in that particular market / niche. People are searching on the internet for the cure to their problem, so all you have to do is find the product that will do just that. This system works on auto pilot once you get people to check your product out, through a system called an ‘autoresponder’. You set up the messages to go out when you want, daily weekly etc etc. So once you have it set up you could be sleeping, on holiday, at the gym, talking the dog for a walk, out with friends… and still be making money.

Happy days!

What you need to do is find the product that the mass’s are crying out for and then learn to get the traffic (internet surfers) to check out what YOU are offering, on behalf of the company that made it. You see the company have gone through the blood, sweat and tears of manufacturing the product but are just falling down on the final hurdle of getting people to buy it. Slight downside to the whole idea you might say… doh. So this is where you come in, and in return for doing so you get commission for make a sale… Sweet!


Even though the concept is a very simple one most of you are still probably confused at the idea of putting this into practise, as most of you are ‘Newbies’. You may be new to the Internet, new to the idea of having an Online Internet Marketing Business, working from home, and some of you may be ‘technologically challenged (I believe that’s the political correct way of addressing technophobes) The funny thing is when I started out I was exactly that. I knew how to check my emails, use word documents and surf the net… just. By becoming involved in this lucrative industry I am not saying you have to become a computer programming, Internet Guru, NASA level computing genius. I know nothing about the internal working of a car. Pop the bonnet and I couldn’t tell you a thing about what I see. But I know what the car does in getting me from A to B, and that’s all I need to know in order for me to benefit from it.Same thing here people!

As an affiliate you get a commission when you bring in someone to a sales page for a company and that person buys from it. All you have to do is get people to the company’s websites.

How does the company know I have sent the traffic / the buyer to their site, because no doubt I will not be the only one promoting that product?

Great question.

On your link, for the buyer to click on, there will be cookie (and I don’t mean the chocolate chip kind). A person who makes a purchase through your affiliate link is connected with your Cookie. In simple English, the affiliate program tracks when that referral comes back to make a purchase…and pays you.

Now not everyone buys the first time they see an offer, some like to think it over. But the beauty to the above ‘cookie’ is that even if a potential buyer goes back to the site you initially sent them to and makes a purchase weeks or even months later YOU still get the credit for it. And by credit I mean you get PAID for it.

As an affiliate… You Have To Do Develop Your Online Presence by becoming an authority figure in your chosen market. Once you have created your own work from home business you need to get people to check it out .. right?? This is done by creating blogs, writing articles, producing Press Releases. You are simply putting a lot of quality content on the net, with links back to your website. This will have a knock on effect of driving people to visit your site.

On your site you need to provide an ethical bribe to get people to leave you their email address, in return for you providing them with something that is going to be of value to THEM. Something like a FREE report etc.

Your list of emails is a list of people interested in the same market. So you find a product that is going to be of benefit to them. You promote it, and make commission if they buy it!

Simple……. hopefully.

If you would like to join a community of entrepreneurs that want to help you become successful, to the extend of making 6 to 7 figure incomes per month you may want to have a look at, provides the exact blue print that has made the marketing partners within Carbon Copy Pro millionaires. And they are the exact people who are there to guide you on YOUR way to doing the same.

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