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Age New Spirituality – Inspirational Stories ( Part 109 )

Article by Vish Writer / Swami Vivekananda

So we can multiply examples about the other gods; they all come,one after the other, to share the same fate — they first begin as gods, and then they are raised to this conception as the Being in whom the whole universe exists, who sees every heart, who is the ruler of the universe. And in the case of Varuna, there is another idea,just the germ of one idea which came,but was immediately suppressed by the Aryan mind, and that was the idea of fear.

In another place we read they are afraid they have sinned and ask Varuna for pardon. These ideas were never allowed,for reasons you will come to understand later on, to grow on Indian soil, but the germs were there sprouting,the idea of fear, and the idea of sin. This is the idea,as you all know, of what is called monotheism. This monotheism,we see,came to India at a very early period.

Throughout the Samhitas, in the first and oldest part,this monotheistic idea prevails,but we shall find that it did not prove sufficient for the Aryans; they threw it aside,as it were,as a very primitive sort of idea and went further on,as we Hindus think. Of course in reading books and criticisms on the Vedas written by Europeans,the Hindu cannot help smiling when he reads,that the writings of our authors are saturated with this previous education alone.

Persons who have sucked in as their mother’s milk the idea that the highest ideal of God is the idea of a Personal God, naturally dare not think on the lines of these ancient thinkers of India,when they find that just after the Samhitas, the monotheistic idea with which the Samhita portion is replete was thought by the Aryans to be useless and not worthy of philosophers and thinkers, and that they struggled hard for a more philosophical and transcendental idea. The monotheistic idea was much too human for them, although they gave it such descriptions as “The whole universe rests in Him” and “Thou art the keeper of all hearts.” The Hindus were bold, to their great credit be it said,bold thinkers in all their ideas, so bold that one spark of their thought frightens the so – called bold thinkers of the West.

Well has it been said by Prof. Max Muller about these thinkers that they climbed up to the heights where their lungs only could breathe, and where those of other beings would have burst. These brave people followed reason wherever it led them, no matter at what cost, never caring if all their best superstitions were smashed to pieces,never caring what society would think about them,or talk about them; but what they thought was right and true, they preached and they talked.

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Lecturer, entrepreneur and Fortune 500 business consultant, Vish Writer is the author of the Amazon No 1 bestseller, “The Joy of Becoming God”. Visit him at Spiritual SimplicityThe Real Secret
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