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akg k701 Practical Experience

pardon letter
by lisby1

Article by John White

In terms of sound K701 are great combination of a balanced, coherent sound representation of detail and transparency that allows insight to the marrow recordings. Headphones play urgently quickly separated with an overview of the various instruments (The Corrs – Toss The Feathers), have a good attack on the home and note all the time showing excellent control signal. Soundstage is rich headphone unprecedented width and depth, making many recordings receive new dimension. Articulation of votes is one word fantastic, overall a very active Wednesday presented, resulting in a direct and “in your face” sound administration. But certainly not an aggressive or violent speech and how some Grado headphones.

K701 is the best feeling in the recordings of acoustic, stringed instruments and human voices are worded neutrally and naturally, the piano in the administration of these headphones is an experience in itself. (Regina Spektor – Blue Lips, Norah Jones – One Flight Down, Cat Power – The Greatest, Cat Power – Willie, Flaw – Only the Strong)

It is not yet on the headphones with a narrow scope, in the case of decent recordings are applicable in any genre, whether it will be elektorniku, rap or rock harder. (Sound System – Space and Time, 2Pac – To Live and Die in LA, Flaw – Payback)

Balans K701 are inclined rather to a higher range of frequencies, which can sometimes affect the bass are lost or less represented than they should have. Definitely there are, but a little henpecked midrange and treble, which-result in a lesser sense of weight or mass of sound. Representation of the bass is somewhat improved after thorough seasoning, and some voices speak of the need for several hundred hours. Myself prefer to not address my headphones have recorded at least 1000 hours and no longer remember exactly how sounded at the beginning. But I think good progress was there. Personally, I am satisfied with the representation of bass and identification, but I always was one of the people preferred the bass-light presentation. Anyway, fans of heavy-duty bass should be to look around elsewhere. Otherwise the bass is fast, accurate and attack, they go deep enough, but somewhat lacking impact and durability. The highs are clean with excellent sparkle, sometimes to the extent that one perceives them as too sharp (this is reflected mainly in the pipes, harmonicas and whistles). To a large extent it depends on what you feed the headphones. Also sibilants are slightly highlighted, but within reason, so no problem. Finally, I would say that using the latest technologies in K701 led to a natural and lively sound that perfectly combines coherent and fluid administration with an excellent representation of detail (often contradictory argument for speakers or headphones). Particular attention should I spent matched with a player, sound card or DAC-s for which the maximum musicality and to suppress any field in the upper middle and treble.

As a player I used Foobar2000, which allows you to switch audio output and supports ASIO drivers, which contains native STX in the second version ASIO is used for low latency when recording and direct connection to the player with a sound card, bypassing the operating system. For comparison, I used the K701. It is not ideal because of the impact on the quality of the resulting gain sound, but for making you a better picture of sound quality that’s enough. Testing prebiahalo in Hi-Fi mode, ie without the presence of any Procesing sound. After many years of fasting from Integrated Sound boxes I was wondering if the situation is equally dismal as once or even here progress has been made. A progress has really acted on it until I left pleasantly surprised. Sound did not come already, as if behind a wall and was audible in every respect. Apart from progress, the difference between ALC889A and STX was clear. Realtek sound stage was too narrow and shallow, he was generally sound a little airy gloomily. STX played more energetically and immerses the listener into the story. Representation of detail and dynamic range discussed for STX (John Adams – Grand Pianola Music). The principal difference was the expression of STX denser, K701 pricks into the Realtek instead basovania to pardon only fucked. To excite better headphones it still is not. STX also went with the bass much deeper, more significant reduction of bass came below 30 Hz (which was associated more with headphones), while Realtek to 50 Hz practically ever played (Eminem – When The Music Stops). While the shift in the quality of integrated audio codecs is obvious and significant, for connoisseurs is still a compromise too much. Of course, the more better speakers or headphones you have, the more investment into discrete sound card worth it.

According to the impedance fall K701 in the first step to gain headphone output STX, but the second stage they received a little more bass and dynamics, even though it was a very minor differences. I would definitely recommend experimenting with the first two stages, regardless of the impedance of your headphones, the third stage there is really unnecessary. Although higher than published STX clearly better, still has room for improvement. Sound stage could have been a little wider, the sound is syrupy chocolate to nature and the warmer side. On the not nothing wrong with that Asus is probably trying to achieve softness and warmth tubes, which they partially consulted in the midrange and lower frequencies. However, I have qualms about the height, lacking smoothness and to some extent as if playing with distortion. Mentioned syrupovosť softness and moreover they were detrimental to transparency. From past experience I knew that the K701 allow a better look inside track. I will not settle for anything other than JRC2114 exempt from I / V and start experimenting with other CABs. Here, I remarked that goes into the realm of personal preference. I guess no need to remind everyone that satisfies another condition of the sound, so it is possible that you might like it more sound than the original CAB mentioned below. Another important variable is the speakers and headphones. What works for one pair of headphones might not work for others.

. The CAB has solved the problem with transparency and too creamy sound JRC. On the surface, over mikrodetailov that were previously hidden, but this resulted in a more granular sound. Height were cleaner and smoother and sound stage is shifted substantially to the width and depth. Clearly it was the most neutral of the CAB test, which in combination with more or less neutral K701 resulted in up to my taste too studio sound. Bass compared to the JRC received dietary treatments, which might be handy for speakers / headphones with exaggerated bass Fund. In combination with the K701, however, was not it. For the most negative aspect of the CAB consider its slowness. Dohrávali like tones, which can create the illusion of a richer sound with greater weight, but the faster speakers and headphones is rather a disadvantage. Overall, I am the CAB and his mistakes preferring to JRC. People can sit in the hobby even in the smallest detail, wide and deep soundstage, neutral sound, and the owner of slower speakers or headphones, where the absence rate this CAB will not have to occur.

LME49720HA – the CAB, which differs from the previous only one letter is intended to cap TO-99. Therefore, for use with STX will have to either trim pin and push it hard into the DIP8 socket (note the orientation of pins) or you can solder to DIP8 adapter, which was also my case (this way I would like to thank user “cthulu” Ovi- ). Of the tested OPH is the fastest, while the width of the soundstage was somewhere between the JRC and 720NA. Quantitative bass was about the same as at the JRC, but lacked sufficient depth and nature of administration. Transparency was on the 720HA only hair worse than 720NA and significantly better than the JRC biggest asset along with the CAB at a coherent, fluid characteristic sound, which resulted in great harmony with the K701. Although mentioned fluidity compared with 720NA at the expense of the smallest mikrodetailov, in turn, reward the pure musicality. The biggest criticism I directed the bizarre discoloration on Wednesday, instruments such as violin is presented by far higher than should be. The CABs I recommend people what they want music in the first place and use rises above the strange color in the middle. Musicality was the floor of CAB higher than the other two.more on http://www.akgk701.org

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