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Approval of your Fiance Visa Petition By the Cis (ins)

Once you have submitted your Fiancé Visa application, the INS legally has 120 days to process your petition. If all of your documentation is complete, the approval process is relatively speedy.

There are four INS service centers that process fiancé visa applications throughout the United States. The busiest service center is the Laguna Nigel, California office, due to all the immigrants coming into the west coast from the Pacific Region and Mexico.

For this reason, fiancé visa applications through this office may take longer to process than through the other service centers.

Once you have filed your petition, you will be sent a Notice of Receipt from the INS stating that they have received your application. Your petition is now considered in pending status until it is approved.

Notice Of Approval:

When your petition is approved, you will receive another Notice of Receipt, commonly called the Notice of Approval.

On the Notice of Approval is a special number called a ‘receipt notice number.’

This approval notification will also have an ‘A’ number on it. The A number is the actual number of your fiancé’s visa.

When contacting the INS or the US embassy, you should always reference the ‘receipt notice number’ and your fiancé’s ‘A’ number with regard to her application.

By the time you receive the approval notice, the US embassy will have received your fiancé’s visa approval notice and will schedule an interview with her.

Which Foreign Embassy:

If your fiancé is from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, or Uzbekistan, her fiancé visas will be processed at the Moscow embassy:

U.S. Embassy

Bolshoy Devyatinskiy Pereulok Number 8

121099 Moscow, Russia

Tel. 7-095-728-5000

Fax 7-095-728-5203

Monday Friday 9 AM to 6 PM

If your fiancé is from Belarus, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, or Lithuania, fiancé visas will be processed at the Warsaw, Poland embassy:

U.S. Embassy

Al Ujazdowskie 29/31

00-540 Warsaw, Poland

Tel 48-22-628-3041

Fax 48-22-628-8298

If your fiancé is from Ukraine, fiancé visas will be processed at the Kiev, Ukraine embassy:

10 Yurii Kotsiubynskyi St.

Kyiv 01901 Ukraine

Tel 380-44-490-4000

Fax 380-44-490-4085

The Embassy Information Packet:

The embassy will send your fiancé an information packet that will contain instructions and a list of the documents she needs to bring with her at the time of her interview.

Documents that she will be required to bring are originals of all the documents she has submitted with the original application: certified copies of birth certificates, divorce certificates, as well as official translations.

She will also be required to bring employment documentation and an official copy of a police report about her from her local police department.

Good Moral Character:

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