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Are You The Master Of Your Destiny?

Article by Michael Lee

How strong are you? I’m not asking if you can carry 150 lbs. of weight. What I’m after is your strength of character. How resilient are you to hang on to your dreams amidst the raging forces of discouragement and criticisms? There are far too many individuals who never get to experience the joy of attaining their desires because other people’s influence has significantly (and sometimes negatively) affected their crucial decisions. Are there instances in your life when other people said that you should not continue your plans because they’re never gonna work? What did you do? Did you continue your endeavors or did you just follow their command?If you always adhere to other’s beliefs and opinions even though they are contrary to yours, you’re just torturing yourself. It’s like you don’t have a mind of your own. You’re like a shadowfollowing the moves of someone else. You may listen to other people’s advices, but never let themcontrol you. If their advices would contribute to yoursuccess and well being, then by all means follow them. Butif they would hinder you and stray you away from what youreally want in life, then you’ve got to make a stand and pursue your heart’s aspirations.Sure there would be criticisms. But if you always avoid them, then you will never be truly happy. As one famous person said, “There is a sure way to avoid criticisms, be nothing and do nothing. This remedy never fails.” True enough.Take my case.When I was in first year college, my dad wanted me to shiftmy course to Physical Therapy because it was in demand in theUnited States at that time. But I wanted to continue my studies in Accountancy. I remained firm with my decisionand after some negotiations they finally gave in.Then there’s my love life. Chinese tradition states thatChinese people marry their own kind. (No offense) But I fell madly in love with this Filipino girl. Despite all the criticisms, discouragement, and harsh words (pardon me), I defended my love for her. Right now we’re going strong andmy relatives have respected my decision.You see, if I have given up easily in any of the two scenarios,I would’ve deprived myself of joy and contentment in my life.Sometimes other people’s words would cut like a knife. But never be disheartened. Listen to the voice inside of you. We will never be able to satisfy everybody because each ofus is unique. We have our own distinct traits and values.Respect for each other’s opinions should be upheld.With that said, I would like to leave this final message thatsums it all up. Follow your heart and happiness will follow.

About the Author

Michael Lee is the author of “How To Be A Red Hot Persuasion Wizard,” an ebook that reveals powerful secrets on how to get anything you want, including howto fully improve your relationships, explode your profits, win arguments, and magically influence others. Grab a sample chapter at http://www.20daypersuasion.com

blogs.gmanews.tv Analysis: Arroyo’s 72 foreign trips (Following is the transcript of the segment “Analysis by Winnie Monsod” which aired on News on Q on August 17, 2009. Prof. Winnie Monsod is the resident analyst of News on Q which airs weeknights at 9:30 pm on Q Channel 11.) President Gloria Arroyo has left the country around 72 times since she assumed the presidency in 2001. That’s an average of 8 trips a year. She in fact has spent almost ten percent of her time abroad, because out of the 3125 days she has been in office as of August 11, at least 310 days have been spent out of the country. During this time, she visited 40 foreign countries, 21 of them at least twice and has managed to visit the United States at least once a year. Actually, she has visited the US a total of 15 times in the past 8 and a half years. As with practically everything else she does, her peripatetic tendency has been criticized with her critics wondering why, when the country is pressed for financial resources, so much of the Filipino taxpayers’ money is being used for what is considered an unnecessary expense. The countries the President has visited are either our major trading and investment partners, major oil suppliers, major employers of our overseas Filipino workers, and major sources of foreign assistance or some combination of the above. And generally, the more important the country in these categories, the larger the number of visits: the US has been visited 15 times (although

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