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Assured HIPAA and HITECH Compliance for Small Medical Practices

Article by Ajax

The imposition of increasing number of security and compliance regulations for the medical fraternity is a never-ending issue. Organizations struggle to keep their processes, policies and staff in-step with the vastly changing environment. The small medical practices suffer in comparison to the larger medical facilities as they do not have the finances to employ new solutions that are introduced constantly to keep their policies updated. This results in intentional and non-intentional violation of HIPPA and HITECH Acts invoking punishing penalties.

The use of mobile devices to facilitate the uninterrupted work flow of the employees has resulted in disastrous consequences such as loss and theft of the devices and caused concern about the security of the patient’s personal health information. The stringent HITECH Act has been enforced to ensure that this kind of callous attitude is shown no mercy. The penalty for violation of the HITECH Act can amount to ,000 and can be raised up to 0,000 accompanied by a long term imprisonment.

The small medical practices are the worst affected as non-compliance portray them as inefficient and unreliable service providers, besides rendering a severe blow to their budgets. In order to save themselves from unfair penalties these small practices can employ the automated web-based application that helps achieve all regulations pertaining to HIPAA Compliance. This is an affordable solution which helps the small practices to compliance without any large investments.

This SaaS based solution ensures the privacy and security policies are in accordance with the HIPAA HITECH requirements and has an efficient system that provides proof of the compliance status for auditing purposes. It automatically updates the existing policies according to the new revised standards. It automatically sends reminders for assessment of the monitoring procedures. The HITECH Act specifically emphasizes on compliance regulations for business associates connected with the medical industry. The web-based solution has been designed to keep a track of all activities of the business associates.

The HIPAA HITECH compliance management software solution provides exclusive advantages to the small practices. It is an incredible tool that helps deal with all Healthcare Compliance risks thoroughly as it deploys continuous processes that ensures security and compliance round the clock. With the excruciating HIPAA and HITECH regulations enforcement there is no pardon for any careless mistake or vile actions. The new web-based application is the best solution for small practices to achieve maximum compliance without fear of any penalties.

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