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Australia: the Melting Pot to Dive Into

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Immigration pardon
by SS&SS

If there’s one thing that CAN’T be said about living in Australia despite its being an island, (okay, a continent too)—it’s that no man is an island.

Pardon the political incorrectness for a moment. But this is really what’s nice about Australia. Australia is probably one of the sweetest melting pots in the world, a point of convergence for cultures and peoples who wish to live harmoniously. Just go out on any busy market street or any of the teeming, warm beaches, and you’ll see what we mean. People from all over the world being friends with everyone else, all differences banished. It’s as if everyone just recently got washed ashore with a mission to spread goodwill. Australian immigration is plainly the loveliest there is. Aussies welcome their visitors as if they’ve been waiting for each other the whole time.

Australia is indeed a free country where everyone gets equal opportunity. Lebanese mingling with Brits, Chinese mingling with Italians, Aborigines hanging out with Germans, New Zealanders laugh with Filipinos: it’s a welcome clash of culture. Interestingly, Australia has one of the lowest population density of any country in the world. We’re talking 2 people per square kilometer here.

But so what? Petty statistics isn’t going to stop Aussies and immigrants alike from going over their fences just to holler “G’day, mate!” And oh yeah, have we mentioned Australia, with almost no murder rate, is one of the safest places in the world?

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Joe Martyniuk’s plan in spanish to close our borders first and then pardon illegal immigrants.

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