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Australian Capital Territory Pardon Application Australian Pardon Application

Application for Pardon – Get a Pardon

What is a Pardon?  Quite simply it’s having your criminal record sealed, destroyed or cleared.


Once your criminal record pardon, your Australian National or State government pardon, is granted you will instantly gain opportunities to improve your life, your happiness.  You’ll be on the same footing with all other Australians for job opportunities that open up.  Travel becomes easier and you gain new opportunities for education and advancement.


Sealing a criminal record means to remove the specific record from public view.  When a criminal history record is sealed, the public will not have access to it.  Sealed records remain in a confidential file on the Department of Justice’s computer but it does not show up on record checks such as background checks done by employers.


An expungement of a record shall mean that a person can deny the convictions and existence of a record.

Definition of Expungement: means that:
(1) The affected criminal records shall be sealed;
(2) The proceedings to which the criminal record(s) refers shall be deemed not to have occurred;
(3) The person granted an Expungement of her/his criminal record(s) may properly represent that no record exists regarding the matter expunged.

Who is Eligible for an Australian National or State Government Pardon?

When you apply for a pardon you must have completed the following requirements:

1. You must have completed your sentence including any and all parole   requirements

2. You must have paid any and all fines related to your case

3. You must have paid any and all financial penalties related to your case

4. You must have completed your probation period

5. You must have served any waiting time

6. You must have demonstrated that you are a law-abiding citizen

7. There may be other criteria in your case

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