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Bartercard Member Reveals Trade Secret

Article by Brandon Burnett

Bartercard Member Reveals Trade SecretBartercard Australia has perused a member produced ebook, called The Bartercard Blackbook, and although in an email to Alex, they write they in no way endorse the ebook itself, they do acknowledge the marketing of The Blackbook will occur through the network, and wish Alex well with the release of the publication.But that’s Bartercard Australia. We would like to have our say. For starters, the Blackbook is a tricks of the trade (pardon the pun) ebook Sunshine Coast Bartercard member Alex Moss felt a need to write in response to nearly a decade of being a member.”The Bartercard Blackbook has been loaded with ways to maximize trading within the Bartercard Australia network. There is one secret method in the ebook alone that can send a potential flood of Bartercard trade bucks into an attentive members account, as long as they take the necessary time to read through the ebook with care and view the online videos”.When prompted as to what the online videos contained, Alex was keeping shtum.”A big part of it is too good to share, I’m afraid to say”, Alex chuckles, “this is why we are only releasing 250 copies in the network, so as not to saturate the methods we reveal as having been so successful for us.”Upon enjoying for ourselves the Bartercard Blackbook it was pretty clear why.Although the Blackbook includes a cornucopia of very useful ideas that many members overlook all the time, including how to spend and obtain many products and services within the trade organization, excellent lateral thinking tips, and undeniably useful information on travelling internationally, there is also a chapter about half way into the reference that explains a system Alex has been using to make a lot of Bartercard dollars with little effort.The system seems solid, and is reinforced with online video tutorials, the real meat in the publication. It is quickly apparent to accept how the methods revealed can create a great deal of Bartercard dollars, and easy for members to feel a rush by the prospect of taking action and giving it a go.The key methods include however a system that could be saturated which is why it was sensible of Alex to only release 250 copies within the network.In other chapters, I couldn’t help but smile at a story on Alex managing to obtain a brand new PlayStation 3 on the launch day all on trade, and a lot of other great stories.The only problem I can see with the book is the limited run within Bartercard Australia, and the steadily increasing demand there will be as word gets around.However, at time of print there are around 200 copies unaccounted for, and when they all go, we can only pray that we see a revised release for members in future years to come.Alex Moss’s Bartercard Blackbook website can be found here at TheBartercard Black Book WebsiteReview gratefully taken from an independent source.

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Brandon Burnett writes regularly about business related topics. I hope you enjoy this article. This video is a little different to any that I have produced recently as I wanted to show you how to photograph a ghost The techniques that I use are simple and explained in detail; actually you will be amazed at how easy it is to obtain simular results and your friends will be totally surprised by your new found photography skills All you need to succeed when you photograph a ghost is a small amount of photographic know-how and some skills that you have obtained from my videos but more importantly skills that you can find at my website http . If you have been recently exposed to photography err, pardon the pun… I think that you will enjoy this video.
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