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Bec and Bridge – a Fashion partnership destined for greater things

by OZinOH

Article by Tim Bridges

Although it has to be said that the fashion design duo of Bec and Bridge has made serious inroads into what is referred to as “aspirational fashion”, by making it “achievable fashion” they have only just begun the journey and are indeed destined for much greater success as time will tell. Since 2003 when they met in design school they knew immediately that they were made for each other, a spark which has since seen them become firm friends AND successful business partners, and in the world of fashion a partnership such as theirs is the exception to the norm.

Striking what they refer to as a fine balance between aspirational fashion and achievable fashion, in layman’s terms what they have done is bring high end fashion one sees in the pages and spreads of glossy magazines and worn by the beautiful people, and made it available to consumers who desire to own it, but for largely economic reasons cannot. Contoured lines and sleek silhouettes are the most striking elements of their design ethic, the epitome of what is young, modern and chic.

Savvy designers will tell anyone inside or outside the industry that one of the essential sales elements and marketing forces is to have their designs worn by people in the public eye, celebrities, TV and movie people and currently boast a cache of celebrity followers and the support of prestigious boutiques such as the Style Palace. Not only do the designs and creations have to be commercially viable, they also have to be appealing to the eye; combining these two elements saw their recent spring/summer collection “Violet Haze” which opened Australian fashion Week in 2011 was an instant hit with buyers around the world.

What they have managed to do is combine their meticulous eye for attention to detail and remain commercially savvy, and it is these two elements which have seen their brand power ahead of their peers in the short period they have been in business together and based on past history, their future looks bright. While they would probably agree that a designer’s reputation is only as good as the next collection, it would appear, to pardon the pun that they currently have their future “all sewn up”.

Style Palace has a collection of Bec and Bridge for the fashion conscious and price savvy consumer, including but not limited to hats, jackets, blazers, dresses and of course a large selection of fashion tops. Log on today and look great tomorrow in the latest from Bec & Bridge, the web address is http://www.stylepalace.com.au/products/designer/bec-and-bridge.

Fashion consumers are a pretty savvy breed and can sense style, elegance and chic combined with great value for money a mile off; something Bec & Bridge create with consummate ease. Log on to the website of Style Palace; some truly amazing creations from this gifted duo await. The web address for reference is http://www.stylepalace.com.au/products/designer/bec-and-bridge.

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