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Benefits of Criminal Record Expungement

When someone is accused of a criminal act, they face not only the immediate consequences of their actions, but the long term consequences as well. In some states even arrest records are made public, in which case anyone who is accused of a crime, even if they are innocent, may be subject to unfair public scrutiny.

If the accusations proceed to a criminal conviction, the defendant will face sentencing which may include fines, probation and possibly jail time. Their permanent record will also be forever marred by the conviction, affecting future employment opportunities and certainly quality of life.

In some of these unfortunate situations, a defendant may be able to petition the courts for a criminal record expungement which will give them the opportunity to have their permanent record wiped clean of any mention of the conviction. If the expungement is successful, then for all intents and purposes, the conviction will be treated as though it never existed. Some states also allow a complete expungement which will erase even the public record of the arrest. Depending upon the state, certain offenses may have no chance for expungement, such as sex crimes or child abuse.

Situations in which an expungement may be honored include:

• New DNA evidence leading to a finding of innocence.
• Minor violations such as jaywalking or speeding may be expunged from a permanent record.
• Completion of a “deferred sentence” such as probation, anger management, alcohol treatment or

community service within a specific period of time.
• Acquittal at trial or an overturning of the conviction.
• Gubernatorial pardon.

Benefits of a successful criminal record expungement are that the accused is able to move forward from the criminal proceedings with peace of mind knowing that their criminal record will not be affected by the situation. For some this means that an embarrassing mark on their personal history will be erased, but for others it means the difference between the ability to gain future employment or not. Following expungement, no future employer will be able see the felony or misdemeanor on the record, nor will the defendant be required to report the charge during an employment interview.

In some states, a person convicted of a felony may lose their voting rights or their rights to bear arms. In these situations an expungement can help restore their every day rights.

To successfully get a criminal record expunged, a defendant must consult with an experienced lawyer who has a record of successful expungements in their state. Attorneys can ensure that the proper steps are followed, including petitioning of the correct judges with complete and accurate paperwork.

For more information on how to obtain a criminal record expungement, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney with a history of successful expungement wins in your state.

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Question by urs t: How long before a drug convicted felon can apply for expungement? How long is a felony on your record?
The conviction was 4 years formal probation, 90 days community service, & register as a drug offender.

Best answer:

Answer by loislane1028
Ask your PO. He or she will be best able to answer the question.

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Judge unseals records in Enid perjury case
The parties in the case were relieved of having to return to court Thursday for an expungement hearing, and an order for expungement of the records should be ordered Sept. 11, giving a week for copies of the unsealed records to be obtained. Edwards …
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The Law Offices of Darren D. Shull, PA For more information contact or call us for a free first initial consultation at (561) 972 – 6444 Seal and Expunge your criminal records in the State of Florida?
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4 Responses to “Benefits of Criminal Record Expungement”

  • Older and Wiser:

    You can’t answer this without knowing what state you were convicted in because all states are different when it comes to felons.

  • wizjp:

    Depends on the state you live in. Many don’t expunge felony arrests. Call the clerk of the court where the arrest is of record

  • goz1111:

    Most likely it will never go away

    Companies that sell information to landlords/employers for background info has no legal duty to remove the info even if you have it expunged

  • outeven:

    10 clean years after the probation runs out.

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