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Best Lunch Restaurant in San Jose California

Article by brooke thom

Why is Sonoma Chicken Coop Almaden the best lunch restaurant in San Jose and Almaden? There are a bunch of reasons and I will try here to enumerate. The first reason is that kids ten and under eats free Monday through Thursday. The next reason we have the best lunch restaurant in the Silicon Valley is that we have the space for kids, moms and dads to spread out and eat a nutritious meal made with fresh ingredients. Our bread is made fresh every day; our rotisserie chicken is fresh and moist. This is an area we would could have scrimped on for cost savings, but we went the extra mile and bought the best quality product for our customers. A little known secret about the Almaden Catering businesses lunches is that people who want privacy without the hassle of waiters or waitresses hovering over them, can be left alone to negotiate a profitable business deal or have a heart to heart talk with a co-worker over the trials and tribulations in their work environment and not have to worry about being over-heard at another table. When we surveyed a group of business men as they left the restaurant, they shared with us that the reason they came to the coop besides the food, was that they knew they would not have to worry about privacy and the service was excellent. Another big reason Sonoma Chicken Coop the best Restaurant in Almaden? In a word variety, The Almaden Coop has a very comprehensive menu (American New) coupled with the fact that we have five or more specials running weekly. A lot of thought, time and research went in to creating our specials and we get some of the input from our own customers. We are not too proud to refuse a good suggestion or even a recipe from a customer as they are our most valued asset. Now Sonoma chicken coop almaden is best in catering businesses. All our efforts are pain off with your all efforts. A funny thing happened on the way to having the best restaurant in San Jose, one that you dream about but are never sure will happen to you in the restaurant business, we have customer loyalty, we built it and they came. They told us that they were hungry (pardon the pun) for a great family lunch and dinner best almaden restaurant and we listened. I am not saying we were not apprehensive, as the last several restaurants in the same location went out of business, but we thought we had a good business proposition “good food at a reasonable cost” which fit our motto of Inexpensive Excellence to a tee. There is great deal more we want to accomplish for the restaurant and we are not satisfied with the status quo, so we will continue to talk to our patrons and ask them for guidance on how to keep Sonoma Chicken Coop Almaden the best catering lunch menu restaurant in San Jose California.

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