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Better Health Through Reverse Osmosis – You Are Mistaken If You Believe This

Article by Arty Girdwood

If you are like me, you probably heard all these great things about home reverse osmosis systems. I mean the companies that sell them only advertise that they give “better health through reverse osmosis,” but this is definitely not the case.While there are certainly some benefits to using home reverse osmosis systems, they are not full-proof. Now I’m not saying there are systems of water filtration that are full-proof, but home reverse osmosis systems definitely have many drawbacks and they give you the better health through reverse osmosis.To be honest, any type of filtering is better than none, but when the process used by home reverse osmosis systems is so full of holes (pardon the pun), and being that they are extremely expensive, you ask yourself why should I spend more for less.Now to the drawbacks, let take for example that many dangerous synthetic chemicals are smaller in molecular size than water itself. Now when water is squeezed through a filter that only water can go through, think about what happens when these chemicals are smaller. That’s right; they go right though, along with the water. Does that sound like “better health through reverse osmosis”, don’t think so.Here’s another reason why lately home reverse osmosis systems tend to be less favorable. It is because they are expensive. These filters get clogged up quickly, and therefore need to be replaced very frequently. Also, since a lot of the water that goes through one of these systems gets trapped by the filter itself, you are basically throwing away that water.Bacteria, Fungi, Virus and the like, typically don’t get trapped by these filters. Many experts have said that in addition to reverse osmosis system, additional disinfection methods are also required.Chlorine also doesn’t get trapped by these filters. And when chlorine reacts with bacteria, THMs (trihalomethanes) form, which are considered hazardous. I think we can see that better health through reverse osmosis is starting to look unlikely. Sure when you compare it to tap water, it might be better, but here’s another one reason I left out.Home reverse osmosis systems generally squeeze out all these important minerals that are vital for your health. This is because most of these minerals are larger than water itself, so they can never hope to pass through the filter.So not only are you now leaving many contaminants still left in the water, you take out essential minerals for your health. I would say the myth of having better health through reverse osmosis systems is basically busted.You should take some time to compare water filtration products. There are definitely better choices of filtration, such as ones that provide multi-level filtration. These types of filters, which can eliminate 99% or more contaminants and leaves important minerals in, can actually help you to achieve better health.

About the Author

Arty Girdwood is a passionate advocate of living a healthy lifestyle and a researcher of water filtration systems. Visit his site now at to discover which water filtration systems Arty recommends after extensive comparisons.

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