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Blair Rewards Foreign Policy Goals Unwanted By The Middle Class, But No Complaints From Tony

Article by Bobby Blair

Democracy is having a voice. Unfortunately, as a result of the Blair rewards, the middle class has no voice. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair was sitting in the catbird seat. The foreign policy goals that began to draw Blair rewards complaints by the middle class went utterly disregarded by the former Prime Minister.

Most people would agree that the actions taken by political leader over the past decade were an abysmal demonstration of the way that democracy is supposed to work. The blair rewards that were provided to only those who supported Tony Blair drew complaints, but the voices went unaddressed. The UK is a fantastic country, yet they are in the middle of difficult economic strife and have been painted into a corner by their leadership.

Amidst Blair rewards complaints are some after the fact encore complaining. Many in the UK want Tony to stand trial for violating international law regarding the War in Iraq and execution of Saddam Hussein. More than likely Tony has already thought of this and has already paid the Blair rewards far forward, making it so if he were to stand trial he would be ultra Teflon coated and/or granted a pardon.

The blairrewards marketing program worked well of Tony as an individual. He now has a handsome consulting position making millions of dollars a year to consult over business and commerce in the Middle East.

He clearly met his goals in regards to driving international policy to a place where the rest of the country is suffering as a result. The middle class had issues with his appointments that included rather junior individuals that had supported him in the past. The basic rule during his reign was simply, back Tony and rewards will follow. The Blair rewards complaints of the middle class were dismissed like children from school.

Tony is now positioned to make a lucrative living as a consultant to the same big businesses that helped him raid the treasury. The middle class gets it, but democracy somehow failed them in their time of need. The only justice against the blairrewards was in his failure to be re-elected for the next term of office.

It does not look like it damaged Tony Blair very much. He simply stepped down and started to cash in on the entire encore Blair rewards program that he had been putting together during his time in office. The people suffer, but it is not his problem. Based on the record of complaints it does not seem like he had much of a problem with others suffering so long as he met his goal.

Marley Masters is a concerned advocate of the direction of the world of politics. The blair rewards complaints are mere stepping stones in the deception of modern politics. Some day the blairrewards will come to an end. Until then, Tony is sitting pretty with no complaints.

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