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Building A Fortune

Article by Walter Seward

Building a Fortune

“Hey”, I was asked at the beauty salon,”What do you do for a living?”

I grinned and excitedly began talking about myfavorite subject

“Well, I show Mom’s how to stay at home with their kids, and collect full time paychecks.”

“Oh, how does that work?”

“I’m so glad you asked. It is very doable, it is actually fun. What I am doing is building friendshipswith people and telling stories (people rememberstories). You can do this, it really works for me.”

“How much could I earn?”

“Well to earn about 0 each month – do thesethree things.”

1. Don’t change. Keep recommending things like you do now.. remember coming out of the movietheater and a lady, (thinking about going in) said,”Pardon me, but was that a good movie?”

Well, I loved it so I began to tell her why she should see it.

Or maybe at the library, someone asked you to recommend a good book. Or someone asked youto recommend a good restaurant.

You and I recommend things all the time.

2. Go and find the four products your company has thatyou really love and recommend them. When your friendat the club asks, what she should do for her husband who doesn’t feel well, you just smile and suggest what the product has done for you.

3. It gets easy. Between you and all the people thatyou know and all the people they know, and all the people they know – you will find about 25 people who want your product, or will want to do what you are doing.

Result: You will earn about 0 per month,in extra income.

Why does this type of presentation work?

1. It is rejection free. You are not selling. You are just building relationships.

2. You are just telling stories. People rememberstories.

3. The new person wants to know:

a) What do they have to do? b) How much it will cost? c) Will you provide training?

Answer these questions and remember that everyone needs your product but not everyone want it. You are only looking for people who want it.

I asked this person

A. What is your plan for retirement? When would you like to retire?

a) in one yearb) in two yearsc) in five yearsd) in ten years.

They said in five years.

Great, what is your plan to achieve this?

B. Ok then how much money do you need a month to retire comfortably in five years?

a) 00 b) 2000 c) 00 d) 00 or more

C. and how much money do you need to investat 6% return to give you the income you want.

To get the answer take your answer from B) and multiply by 200.

Ok then great, what is your plan to accumulate thatmuch money.

So I said, these are the reasons why you should be workingon your fortune part-time while you continue to work onyour job full time!

An extra 0 per month income may build you a fortune!

About the Author

Walter is a professional networkfocused on your success.


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