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Building Muscle? Losing Weight? The Key to Success.

Article by Steve R. Robbins

Gut check time. How’s that New Years resolution list working now? If you are like 80% of resolution makers you long ago tore your list into little pieces. I’ll address all you people another day. Today we want to work on keeping the other 20% motivated. Because as you are probably noticing on your own, right about now is when it gets tough. Two weeks in, pardon the expression, piece ‘o cake. Week three starts to get dicey but your resolve is strong, if for no other reason than you don’t want to have “wasted” the two prior weeks efforts. But now you’re there. It’s championship time.

Mohammad Ali called it the ‘dark room’. That place where you don’t know how you’ll react until you’re there. For him it was the place he went when he got his bell rung. Could he hang on until his head cleared, just so he could fight another round. Think about that. The will to not go down. Not thinking about “winning” now, but surviving just enough to have to possibly face the same punishment in the very next moments. The ultimate prize of “victory” was so far from this moment, how could he possibly have been using THAT as his motivation? And there, right there, is your key to success.

Boxing aficionado’s say it’s what made Ali the greatest. Not his boxing skill. Tiger has it, and they say it’s his greatest attribute as well. Not monster drives. What is it? What is it that keeps you headed in the right direction against your bodies urges to do otherwise?

Stay in the moment.

A distant outcome, or victory, cannot be used for a sustained effort. The connection between what has to be done NOW to have success THEN is too disjointed to be effective. It would be like jumping up in the middle of a lovely family gathering and whacking a small child for something they had done two weeks ago. They would not understand the correlation, and it would have no effect.

So whatever your resolution was, just do, or not do, it now. Win THIS moment.

About the Author

Steve R. Robbins is a life long fitness enthusiast. He has the distinction of being in the select group who can say they ran a marathon and bench pressed twice their weight on the same day. At the age of 50. He is a regular contributer to http://www.MuscleandHealth.org

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