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Buying Jewelry – A Crash Course For Men, Part 2

Article by Adrian Adams

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend?We can’t talk about jewelry without mentioning diamonds. A Diamond’s value is based upon its clarity, color, cut and carat. This can get very involved but many fine jewelry stores publish little pamphlets on diamonds and give them to prospective customers. These little jewels (pardon the pun) will prove to be a terrific help when choosing a diamond.

Cameo – A Natural BeautyYou can really impress your girl by bringing her a cameo and giving her the history on it. Real cameos are carved from a shell. The skill is passed down from father to son for generations. The boy begins carving cameos at a very young age but it takes many, many years for him to become a master. As a master he can then sign the cameos that he creates. When you purchase a cameo that is said to be real, look on it, sometimes on the back to see if it is signed. If so, you have a true, unique treasure.

A Jewelry Shopper’s Mini Guide – A Quick List:

Ask about the refund and return policies BEFORE you buy. After you buy it’s too late.

Ask if pearls are natural, cultured, imitation. There can be great differences in value between the three types. What could be a great bargain for a natural pearl would be a rip-off for an imitation pearl, and vice versa.

Ask if gemstones are natural, laboratory created or imitation. Agai, value can vary greatly based on this factor.

Ask if gemstones have been treated.

Ask about care of the jewelry. You do have to take care of jewelry, so it’s good to find out a little about this.

When you get your receipt, make certain that the jeweler writes down any information that you used as criteria when selecting the item. This will help you ensure you’re getting what you wanted.

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