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Call Handling Skills

Article by Nick DAlleva

An answering service or call center operator must be equipped to deal with a variety of situations that they may encounter on the phone. While many situations vary and are somewhat unique in nature, a pattern develops as to how to deal with every type of call. To able to properly do their job, an answering service employee must be armed with call handling skills. These skills allow the operator to be able to be armed with the necessary tools to be able to handle calls properly.

Mannerly OperatorsOne of the most important facets of call handling skills is manners. It is important that every operator is not only polite, but also possess the manners that are necessary. How an operator conducts themselves on the phone is very important. Polite phrases must be peppered throughout the conversation. An operator must say “please and thank you” whenever possible, and phrases like “pardon me” are desired as opposes to saying “what?” or “huh?” An operator must not interrupt the caller. An answering service operator must appear interested and focused on the conversation. This is a matter of courtesy for the caller. Also, an operator must refrain from actions like eating, drinking or speaking with coworkers while taking a phone call.

EfficiencyOne of the most vital call handling skills is for an operator to be efficient. An efficient operator takes control of the call and economizes every available second. The reason why efficiency is so vital in the call center industry is that it eliminates so many negative aspects of the answering service industry. There are three major problems in the call center industry. The first is long hold times. These hold times can be reduced or eliminated by trimming just a few seconds off of every call. Eliminating hold times will give an answering service an edge over the competition. The second major problem is too many rings. With the efficiency stressed, a call center will never have to deal with the embarrassing issue of the phone ringing off the hook.

The last major problem that an answering service has is mistakes. Mistakes are often a symptom of the call center being far too overwhelmed. By eliminating seconds off of each phone interaction, the call traffic is much more manageable. With manageable call traffic, mistakes are less likely. In addition when operators are armed with the call handling skill of “listening” mistakes are less likely. If an operator is trained to listen to the caller, the call goes very smoothly.

Call Handling SolutionsCall handling skills are vital in any contact center. The ability to properly manage and handle traffic is the cornerstone of any answering service. By creating call handling solutions an answering service is able to meet the needs of the demanding public. There are many different aspects of call handling skills that are exercised by quality call centers throughout the United States.

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Specialty Answering Service is a nationwide answering service and 24 hour answering service provider. We answer for each client 24 hours a day and follow their instructions to handle each inbound or outbound communication perfectly.

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