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Can the “Expectancy Effect” Help You Heal?

Article by Dr. Laurence Magne

From the desk of Dr Magne, author with Wallace D. Wattles of The Science of Being Well Home Study Course.

A Harvard anesthesiologist coined the phrase the “placebo effect,” after he discovered that injections of a saline solution helped wounded soldiers in World War II overcome pain once the morphine ran out. Now, a group of Oregon scientists are following in his footsteps as they begin mapping what they call the “expectancy effect” — the impact on health of a person’s expectations of getting well.

Up to 35% of a therapeutic response to any medical treatment could be the result of belief, Oregon researchers hope to show that a patient’s expectation of getting well can have a positive affect on their health outcome.

The study’s goal is to develop models that can be used to study cognitive and physiological changes that contribute to the expectancy effect.

The models could range from “perceived self-efficacy” — the belief that a person can influence his or her own health — to hormonal activity and genetic changes that affect the brain’s neurotransmitter systems. The researchers also hope to improve the design of clinical trials by learning how individual differences contribute to changes in their responses to medical treatments.

The expectancy effect is related to the placebo effect, in which a patient reports a positive response to an inactive medical treatment, such as a sugar pill, as if it were an active medical treatment.

But the expectancy effect is broader than the placebo effect and includes all processes and influences that may affect the brain’s anticipation of a response.

We’re not talking about patient-physician interaction, which, to some people, is considered part of placebo effect — the contact, the handholding, the bedside manners. We’re really thinking about people’s hope or expectation that they’re going to get better. For example, one recent study showed that Parkinson’s disease patients who were administered a placebo experienced changes in brain chemistry similar to those caused by symptom-treating drugs levodopa and apomorphine.

Do you realize how huge this is? It means that the medicine your doctor gives you is probably not effective beyond your belief in it. But beyond that, these studies show the amazing powers of our brains. The healing does not really occur because of the drug but because of our faith in the doctor and in the drug. Faith healing? It’s really not that different!!

Now I agree that it’s a bitter pill to swallow (if you’ll pardon the pun), but if this is true, doesn’t that also mean that we have a -very inexpensive- key to healing? In the Science of Being Well Home Study Course, you will find many examples and stories to help you develop your own powers of healing using simply the power of your mind. This is not revolutionary. These secrets have been around for ages. To learn more, claim your FREE report of the First Secret to Abundant Health on http://www.thescienceofbeingwell.biz today

About the Author

For the past 25 years, Dr Magne has been involved in the field of health and cancer research, investigating the reasons why we get sick, and whether we can get well outside of the medical field, using alternative solutions. She has counseled many clients and conducted many lectures and trainings.

Hey guys! Here’s another addition to my covers escapade series! This time its a long overdue request from a couple of swimmer friends from my HS swim team. Hope you guys will enjoy it and hopefully I did it some justice. I’m on the works of uploading an mp3 version of this, so if you would like a copy sooner, message me your email. :] The link should be up this weekend! Pardon any ear-hurting or auto-tune-ness. ;] Feel free to comment, rate, and sub! Follow me if you want. Normally I post snippets for feedback and previews in the links below. You could be a part of the process. 😀 Twitter: www.twitter.com Tumblr: www.jonathankwok.tumblr.com Stay tuned for more! OH! Guess how many clips it took to make the visual part of this video. As always, I love hearing requests and collabs as well! -Jonathan NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. All rights belong to their respected owners (ie Columbia). FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE ONLY.

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