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Canadian pardons

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I have been doing a lot of research with other agencies and one comes to mind (for confidentiality reason I will not mentioned the agency name).  I found their web site and decided to send in an inquiry on information and cost of a pardon.  I never included my phone number with the inquiry.
I believe shortly later I received an auto-responder saying that someone will be in touch with me shortly.   A week later I received an email from one of their sales people and she had sent a template email stating “I tried to contact you with the phone number you supplied us and based on confidentiality, we do not leave voicemails”

I responded back to this person and told her I never submitted my phone number and ask if she ever actually reads the email inquiries.  Her response was that her manager told her to send the template out regardless.  After a few more emails back and forth with her; my original questions of a pardon and the cost were never answer.  She kept trying to insist that I give her a number she can call me at as she needs to make sure I QUALIFY.  I told her I know I QUALIFY and not to use that term with me as the proper wording is ELIGIBLE.  I explained to her that when people inquire about a pardon they are well aware of their ELIGIBILITY.  She responded by saying “you would be surprised how people do not know they can get a pardon”

Well, with this experience I will personally make sure this does not happen here at IPC Pardons and Waivers.  I will make sure that each and every email is read and responded to accordingly.  I am sure there are even more scary agencies out there that does not give complete client satisfaction.  With my above example, I never heard back from her and my original questions were never answered.

So, if you are having a hard time trying to decide on which agency to be with for the pardon and waiver processes please visit

I guarantee that you will have the best experience and a stress free process.  IPC Pardons & Waivers is the only agency that offers LIVE CHAT.  So, if you see my live chat icon indicating I am online take a moment and lets have a chat.

IPC was originally founded in June 2000. IPC was held back to launch purposely as the founder Scott Hill wanted to monitor the other agencies and to make sure that IPC delivers the TRUE client satisfaction.

Scott is a professional that has a true feeling that IPC can help make a difference in a person’s life. He knows that everyone makes mistakes in their lives at one point or other and deserves a second chance.


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There were students hoping "baby locke" would give them a pardon from an 8am informative speech. No such luck! – by rjohnlocke (John Locke)

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