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Canine DNA Breed Analysis Help your Dog Stay Healthy

Article by shane logan

Canine DNA Breed test is the initial diagnostic test based on DNA that helps to determine genetically the breed composition of dogs. In fact, this particular test is one of the most popular among the list of Canine Breed tests. It takes into consideration the genetic structure of breeds with the help of their modern DNA technology. This Canine DNA breed analysis technology comprises 96 single nucleotide polymorphism markers. Most of the genetic profiles of the dogs match with the purebred ones of that breed. Although, the genetic profiles match with the purebred dogs, it does not appear in most of the DNA profiles.

Canine DNA breed analysis involves a kit that contains a brush with soft bristles with which you will be able to rub the cheeks of your dog. Its one of the most easy-going and painless procedures opted by most dog owners in obtaining a DNA sample from their pet. After the swab is obtained, the mailer sends it directly to the labs. Once this Canine DNA breed analysis is complete, the results are delivered within a short period. Now, when your results are verified, you are provided a Certificate of Canine DNA Breed analysis with every detail of the test.

The Canine DNA Breed analysis is one of the effective measures in determining the lineage of the dogs of mixed breed. However, this procedure has been loved and enjoyed by people in knowing about the breed blends of their doggy. As dogs are a crucial part of the family, pet owners always have a curiosity to know about the very roots of their dogs. Well, there are more reasons for knowing and learning about Canine DNA breed analysis. There are certain breeds that are predestined to suffer from certain health related complications. Therefore, going through this analysis will let the individual identify the behavioral characteristics, health issues and personality of his pet. Moreover, the results of the Canine DNA breed analysis test helps the pet owner to develop some strategies for protecting their little ones from any sort of disease or health problems.


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About the Author

Shane Logan is a laboratorian having sound knowledge on Canine DNA breed analysis.For more information on Pardons and Waivers he recommends you to visit

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