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Can’t get a Job because of a Shoplifting that happened 15 years ago

Article by Ryan Adam

I was just a new immigrant and I did not know much about the by-laws in Canada. While shopping with my wife I switched price tags for an Item that was few dollars less, Just as I crossed the line of cashiers It seemed that was the biggest mistake I have ever done in my life, all of a sudden my life changed to the worst nightmare a person can experience, I was convicted with shoplifting. Even after paying the fine and everything was over, the past was still haunting me for years, I couldn’t even get jobs in the banking industry where I used to have years of experience back home, couple of times I was hired then an HR person was walking me out after a month or so it seems they conducted a background check on me, as It is standard procedure for many employers to conduct criminal record checks on all job applicants before hiring or during the probation period, In any case I was confined to a low esteem jobs”

I stayed in this situation for 5 years, then I came trough an AD talking about the Canadian Pardon and the opportunity it offers to clear my criminal records, I called that agency in Toronto Canada Pardon services on their toll free number (1-866-630-3660), they made my life easier, what basically they did is they conducted an assessment of my case and they explained what it takes to get my Pardon done, I retained them for the Job the cost was worth it, they conducted the process on my behalf as they have the experience to handle these matters as for the untrained person like me, maneuvering through the criminal justice system can be an extremely unpleasant and harrowing encounter. An experienced agency can often deal with such matters quickly, quietly, and effectively. I saved my time, money, and saved myself from making any mistakes with the huge amount of paperwork.

The funny part is that I did not even know that I was legally entitled to apply for a Pardon 3 years after my conviction as my charge was a minor one, knowing that It would have saved me 2 years, it was a long process but once I received my Pardon I can say I am FREE.

I applied for a couple of better paid jobs, and the best part is no one is able to figure out that I had something in my records. Finally I got my dignity back and learnt the lesson of my life, do not change price tags even it the item is made back home.

About the Author

For more information on Canada Pardon services visit: http://www.pardoncanadaservice.ca/home.php

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