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Colored Pencil Drawing

As primarily a figurative artist, I really enjoy colored pencil drawing. One of the best things that I like about using colored pencils is the portability. Unlike other medium such as paint or clay, all I need to do is to throw into a canvas bag a good set of pencils, a kneaded eraser, and of course – paper! Well, sometimes I prefer using cold press illustration board, especially if I am also using Prismacolor watercolor pencils. However, when on the run, I don’t usually apply water to my drawing until I am in the safety of my studio. The main reason is because if I apply water to either board or paper, it will buckle or wrinkle if not securely taped down. Also, a wet surface is much more vulnerable to tears, scratches, and foreign particles adhering to the moist area. Yet, if you’re lucky to be drawing outdoors near a water fountain, and plan to stay several hours, then go ahead and apply water – and have fun!

In the long run, drawing is much more challenging than painting, because I have to account for every stroke of my pencil. In other words, a pencil artist must be a good draftsman. When using oil paint, it’s pretty easy to fix mistakes even after they have dried. On the other hand, traditional watercolor painting is particularly challenging, especially when using a wash technique. Once that wet brush is put to paper, it is difficult to correct mistakes. Nonetheless, I have sometimes produced some of my finest pieces of art with these so-called mistakes. Little foibles can contribute a lot to learning new techniques.

The key to becoming a competent artist is to learn to relax and enjoy the process. If you are too concerned about ruining your drawing, then you will never enjoy what you are doing and probably will eventually quit altogether. Drawing, like almost any other skill, takes time, practice, and patience. Recall, if you can, when you first started to learn how to write. It took rows and rows of practice to perfect the technique of forming letters and numerals. Once your hand memorized the shapes, overtime your handwriting improved. If you still have any of your old penmanship sheets, take a look and compare it to how you write now. I think that may help you gain perspective (pardon the pun!) on your drawing. Or, if you have young children at home who are now just learning to write, that will work just as well.

So, now let’s back to colored pencil drawing, shall we? If you do have kids at home, creating art together is a great way to strengthen relationships – even with those difficult teens! Some of my fondest childhood memories are of drawing or coloring with a parent, grandparent, and my favorite cousin. Okay, I’ll admit that my mother was a professional artist, who designed packages for Revlon, but it was not her skill that brought me the enjoyment. It was her company and collaboration. My cousin, on the other hand, was a competent colorer, but no gifted artist. However, my fondest memories are with her because I felt at ease because it was all about fun – not judgment. Therefore, when drawing alone, in a class, with friends or family members, remember not to judge yourself, but just enjoy!

Written by, Brenne Meirowitz, B.A., M.S., M.A. This article, Colored Pencil Drawing was written while researching information about Prismacolor Colored Pencils.

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In the same tradition as the “One Man Army” videos for GTA4. I put this together to show how I got the Friends In High Places achievement (which is basically Red Dead Redemption’s answer to One Man Army). So over the next couple of videos I’ll show a good way on how to get it. Bring plenty of health and ammo, also obviously access to the full map is helpful too. You should have at least one Pardon Letter by this point in the game (you get a few throughout the game).
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Question by rudedogg28: what do i put in a pardon letter to the governor in the state of new mexico?
i committed a felony about 7 years ago and i want to get my rights back including the right to bear arms i need to know what to put in the letter

Best answer:

Answer by scrawney5
Ummm…why should he pardon you? honest question.

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Paul Krekorian Decries Safarov Extradition in Letter to Hungarian Consul
Safarov, who was serving a life sentence in Budapest for the killing an Armenian soldier Gurgen Markarian with an axe in 2004, was pardoned upon arriving in Baku by Azeri president Ilham Aliyev last week. He was also promoted to a rank of general in …
Read more on Asbarez Armenian News

Pardon My President

Pardon My President

Whether you voted for Bush or not, you owe the world an apology. He’s your president, after all, and the last eight years have been disastrous. Pardon My President features dozens of ways to say “I’m sorry”—just sign your name, fold along the score lines, and add a stamp.
Here are hilarious and heartbreaking apologies to John McCain, Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth II, the people of Iraq, schoolteachers, pretzel manufacturers, the Louisiana Superdome cleaning staff, and everyo

List Price: $ 12.95

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the letter
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Not in the Pardoning Mood: Reinstating Death Penalty in Canada

Since it was elected, the Government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been known for its efforts to make Canadian criminal justice stricter. While the Opposition in Parliament has resisted quite a few of Harper’s efforts, some of the bills proposed by his Government have been passed, including measures to raise penalties for sexual and drug-related offences and a restriction on pardons for certain offenders. But on 18 January, Harper was forced to address an issue which he had tried to avoid: in an interview with CBC anchor Peter Mansbridge, he was asked whether his government would consider returning the death penalty to Canada if re-elected. His initial answer was a tactful “I don’t see the country as wanting to do that.” When pressed to reveal his own opinion, Harper elaborated: “Well, I personally think there are times when capital punishment is appropriate. But I’ve also committed that I’m not, you know, in the next Parliament, I’m not, no plans to bring that issue forward.”

Clearly, the Prime Minster does not intend to bring his opinions on this divisive issue into the Canadian political arena. But his personal views may be shared by an increasing number of his compatriots: according to a 2010 Angus Reid poll, a fair majority of Canadians, 62%, are in favour of reinstating the death penalty for murderers, while a sizable minority, 31%, would allow it to be imposed on rapists. Given these statistics, could a modern government stage an attempt to bring back capital punishment with any degree of success?

Historical background

The sentence of death by hanging was a Canadian reality within living memory. Until 1961, it was the standard punishment for murder; in that year, the law was amended to restrict the death penalty to those who committed “capital murder”, essentially any planned killing. Nonetheless, the last execution in Canada was in 1962, after which the government put a moratorium on carrying out death sentences. Capital punishment was formally removed from the Criminal Code in 1976. It remained residually in the National Defence Act for serious military crimes such as treason and mutiny; even those provisions were never used in recent history and were ultimately repealed on 10 December 1998.

Barriers to reinstatement

If a modern government were to go forward with a proposal to reinstate the death penalty, it would raise serious human rights issues. In an interview on the subject, Osgoode Hall law professor Jamie Cameron is quoted as stating that “…any attempt to reinstitute the death penalty would raise serious constitutional questions. In my opinion, the odds are that it would be found unconstitutional.” Cameron clearly has in mind Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees “life, liberty and security of the person”. On top of this, capital punishment is not practiced in most of the Western world, and an attempt to reinstate it would be bound to draw serious criticism from the international community.

If we were to focus solely on the current political situation, another major barrier, regardless of public opinion, is the fact that the Liberal Party, which unequivocally opposes the death penalty, currently has a strong position the House of Commons and has successfully stalled far less extreme reforms to criminal law.

As things stand, therefore, a return to capital punishment in Canada does not seem to be likely. Regardless of the common person’s view on the matter, the current political zeitgeist is not in favour of reinstating the death penalty. In particular, Canada’s international reputation as a liberal, progressive country would be significantly jeopardized by such a move, a price that most politicians are not willing to pay. Nonetheless, Canadian criminal law is likely to become less forgiving soon. The government is working hard to pass Bill C-23B, which will affect pardons to which, at present, a convicted criminal is entitled after 3 to 10 years have passed from the completion of their sentence. Even today, anyone convicted of an offence carrying a life or indeterminate sentence can never be pardoned, meaning that their criminal record will always be accessible to the public. Bill C-23B will make the requirements for obtaining a pardon even more restrictive, lengthening waiting times and also re-naming pardons “record suspensions”, which will distinguish them from the more generous pardons occasionally granted by the Governor General under the Royal Prerogative of clemency.

Ned Lecic lives and works in Toronto. He is a writer for a Canadian pardons agency.

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Ultimate Adventure 2012 Teaser

Take a glimpse into the life of an Ultimate Adventurer! The Ultimate Adventure 2012 is presented by Petersens 4Wheel and Off-Road Magazine. This is eight days of non-stop four wheeling on some of the most impressive and grueling landscape our country has to offer. We hope you enjoy this teaser video and that one day you will be able to experience the Ultimate Adventure! Audio: Assassins of Youth By Wayne Static

Question by zombie: Can i still get a good job with a ” reckless endangerment” suspension on my record?
I am scared that I wont be able to get a good Job now that I got a “reckless endangerment” suspension on my record. This is my only suspension and I have a few cut classes on my record too. I want to turn my life around and do the best I can in school but I think its too late.. ( I’m in 9th grade). So is it possible for me to still get a good job ( like a lawyer) even though I got this 1 suspension.

Best answer:

Answer by myeatyou!
Why would an employer have access to your school records? You’re only in 9th grade, no employer is even going to care about 12th grade! Especially if you go to university afterwards.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
Mass. cop's suspension overturned
"He suspended her, and she grieved it with the union," Deveau said. "The union suggested there was no wrongdoing done, and the charges should be dismissed and her record cleared and she should be made whole for the loss of her wages. The union …
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How to practice shooting driven wild boar in Kent, plus pigeons in Essex, a record muntjac in Hampshire and an angy anti from Leeds – what a lot of programme this week in Fieldsports Britain! We’re off to Roy Lupton’s place in Kent. Roy has got a fabulous new way to practice his double rifle skills (based on an original sandwich with Tim Pilbeam!). It’s a radio-controlled offroad car with a target on its back, and it’s a laugh-a-pellet with an airgun. Next, we’re out pigeon shooting in Essex with Geoff Garrod, vice chairman of the National Gamekeepers Organisation and star of the Gamekeepers Diary DVD series. And he has brought his 13-year-old son Justin Garrod, who is full of questions. Finally, Mark Gilchrist attracted cyber-bullies from the anti-hunting lobby when he shot a white fox last year. Many of them said they wanted Mark dead. We confront one of the more violent League Against Cruel Sports supporters – and we gain the support of
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Are Procedural Issues the Reason Behind Foreclosure Suspensions at GMAC and JP Morgan?

In the face of faltering loan modification numbers and a new monthly record set in August for Americans losing their homes to foreclosure, two of the largest lenders in the country in the country have suspended foreclosure proceedings due to questions about the validity of the associated foreclosure documents. JP Morgan Chase has suspended foreclosure proceedings on 50,000 foreclosures, due to documentation errors while GMAC Mortgage has suspended foreclosure activity in 23 states citing “procedural issues”.

The 23 states where GMAC (now owned by Ally Financial) voluntarily suspended foreclosures require a court order for foreclosure. Colorado has asked to be added to GMAC’s list while Jerry Brown, Attorney General for California and Democratic candidate for Governor, ordered GMAC to cease foreclosure proceedings in the state until a legal review of their procedures can be completed.

At issue in both situations are allegations that employees signed off on foreclosure-related documents without assessing the files. According to the Washington Post, one of GMAC’s employees hadn’t read the roughly 10,000 foreclosure documents he approved each month. That “productivity” works out to about one signed and approved foreclosure for each working minute of the day.

While both lenders have admitted that there have been some “procedural” errors, the possibility looms that there is a much more sinister reason for the rapid-fire signing of foreclosure documents; the Net Present Value (NPV) test. The NPV test is a series of calculations which lenders use on each troubled property to assess their highest return resulting from actions including foreclosure, loan modification, or short sale. The formula for these calculations has never been released to the general public but plays a dominant role in the determination of whether homeowners keep their homes, hire the services of a bankruptcy attorney, or are forced to leave due to foreclosure. In the case of GMAC and JP Morgan, it’s not a big stretch to presume the possibility that the applications being processed at one per minute did not require review because the NPV had already determined that foreclosure would provide their best outcome.

The biggest problem for homeowners trying to get approval for a loan modification is that they typically have no idea what the intentions of the lenders are. That situation is now changing due to the arrival of a product carrying the same information for homeowners as the NPV test provides to lenders. Known as the REST Report, the software generated assessment provides NPV information, a clear determination of HAMP eligibility, and loan modification options which can be determined prior to submission of the loan modification application.

While it may be too late for the unfortunate people who have unjustly lost their homes to foreclosure, the running a REST Report can give you the information you need to get a loan modification and avoid foreclosure. Even if you have been turned down for a loan modification or are working with a bankruptcy attorney, running a REST Report can strengthen your negotiating position with your lender.

Our CA bankruptcy attorneys and legal staff can negotiate with your creditors and mortgage lenders to stop harassing phone calls and help get your life back on track. If you need information on Loan Modifications, understanding Bankruptcy Lawyers, or would like to know more about the new Government HAMP Program for Principal Reductions and mortgage payment forgiveness.

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Question by Go: How would one remove a unjust In School Suspension from their record, FL?
I recently received a In School Suspension (ISS) for entering my school without tucking in my tee-shirt. I would like to know if there is anything I can do to remove the ISS from my record. My school did not supply students with a rule book, nor do they have the rules available in ink when ask. I also never received any paper work to sign that would bind me to any rules. With all the rules in my school being implied, would there also be any legal infractions my school is committing by this.
By the way, the Principal gave the the suspension, so I would like it if no-one says speak to your principle..
I would also like to add in that I do run allot of events that bring in revenue for the school, and I take care of quite a few responsibilities that should never be given to a student.

Best answer:

Answer by Betsy
You (if you are 18) or your parents (if you are not) can appeal the suspension to the Superintendent of Schools and, if necessary, to the School Board if it is a public school. Public school suspensions may be appealed to the state department of education. If it is a private school, your parents can appeal to the board that runs that school.

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Hummel: Records in one-run games can be deceiving
NEWS ITEM: Suspended San Francisco outfielder Melky Cabrera waived his opportunity to be the National League batting champion, even though he probably still would have won the crown at .346 if one plate appearance, to give him the required 502, had …

Rega’s website: Listen to a 7″ inch single that was thoroughly battered before I cleaned it with a Disco Antistat! Click the URL below for stereo!!!!

The Need For Criminal History Background Checks

The ability to obtain access to criminal history records has become increasingly important for a variety of reasons. Employers in the private sector have a responsibility to ascertain whether a job candidate has a background which could jeopardize the company’s clients, employees, or business dealings. Failure to exercise due diligence in researching a potential employee’s background as it pertains to the position being sought can result in serious liability.

Public employers face the same situation, particularly in instances where public safety or government security clearance is an issue. In recent years, especially, the counter-terrorism efforts of the government has lead to an increase in criminal history screening.

Those who work in the health care sector dealing with disabled, vulnerable, or elderly persons are invariably subject to criminal screening, as are applicants for teaching positions. Volunteers, as well, are more often than not investigated for a criminal background, especially those dealing with children or the elderly or disabled.

Privacy/Fairness in Reporting

With greater need for criminal history checks also comes greater concern for privacy of individuals and fairness in reporting. When obtaining criminal background information for a potential employee or volunteer, great care must be exercised that the information is accurate and current. If there is a criminal background, the individual concerned should have the right to be made aware of the contents of the report to ensure that they are being represented fairly.

In addition, consideration should be given for those who have served time and undergone rehabilitation. If the nature of the criminal history has no relevance to the position being sought, employers need to exercise care in discrimination. If an applicant is otherwise qualified for a job, he or she may not be turned down based on a criminal background that has no bearing on job duties or responsibilities. Former convicts who are re-entering society merit the opportunity to become productive members of their communities, provided their criminal background does not affect the responsibilities of their job.

Sources for Obtaining Criminal History Information

The most common sources for criminal background checks are private sector criminal history databases and screening services. For a fee, registered users may conduct a database search based on public records which provides everything from driver’s license history to criminal convictions. Background screening services are also available; these services utilize databases and in-person records checks to provide information to their clients. Private individuals may also conduct direct searches of public court records, although not all information is available to the general public.

The FBI and local law enforcement agencies also maintain their own records, although in some cases law enforcement may subscribe to a private-sector database.

With improvements in technology and global information resources, criminal histories are increasingly available to a growing number of entities, and background checks are becoming widespread and routine.

To get a list of the best free criminal background check sites and to learn about the most reliable and cheapest paid criminal background check services online visit my lens at Free Criminal Background Check

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“Parole and Probation officers” provides an overview of a “day in the life” of a Community Supervision Officer at the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) in Washington, DC
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Question by helen: Any idea how much it costs annually for social services to remove/relocate families from the home?
Including law enforcement intervening, child protective services, criminal justice costs, incarceration costs, shelter costs, relocating costs, job training etc.

Best answer:

Answer by awaken_now
Figure $ 100,000.00 per item mentioned above would be $ .7mil.

However is it cost per child?
………..which county?
……which year?

.So yes I have an idea how much …

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
Calif. Attorney General Files Criminal Charges in Police Overtime Case
The police force, called the Office of Protective Services, patrols and investigates criminal activity at five board-and-care institutions that house about 1,800 patients with cerebral palsy and profound intellectual disabilities in Los Angeles, Orange …
Read more on NBC Bay Area

A team of British journalists analyzed over 400.000 logs made by the US military in Iraq. These logs were provided by Wikileaks and they describe horrific cases of murder, torture and violent aggression against innocent civilians in Iraq perpetrated by the US army. Dispatches exposes the full and unreported horror of the Iraqi conflict and its aftermath. The programme reveals the true scale of civilian casualties, and allegations that after the scandal of Abu Ghraib, American soldiers continued to abuse prisoners; and that US forces did not systematically intervene in the torture and murder of detainees by the Iraqi security services. The programme also features previously unreported material of insurgents being killed while trying to surrender. Channel 4 is the only UK broadcaster to have been given access to nearly 400000 secret military significant activities reports (SIGACTS) logged by the US military in Iraq between 2004 and 2009. These reports tell the story of the war and occupation which the US military did not want the world to know.

License Suspension, Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program, Ignition Interlock and More!

Welcome to the Aftermath of DWI/DUI in Virginia!

One of the first things that hits you, after the alcohol in the blood has subsided, is that your driver’s license may be suspended for one year if you are convicted under the strict DUI/DWI laws of Virginia.

However, you are free to petition the court for a restricted license, but the granting of such is at the discretion of the presiding Judge.

So what is a restricted driver’s license?

This type of license allows you to move around in a limited manner, rather than completely stopping you from driving your car.

For instance, with a restricted license, you can commute to and from work, as well as drive around during working hours (if the trip is related to work and you have a note from your boss or some other confirmation of purpose (exactly what you want to ask your boss for, right?)).

With a restricted Virginia driver’s license, you are also able to drive to/from the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program and other court ordered probation activities.

A restricted license will permit you to drive to and from school, medical care and to transport your children to/from the same kinds of things.

If you are convicted of DWI/DUI with blood alcohol concentration of .15 or greater, then your restricted license will be contingent upon an ignition interlock system being installed in your car.

This system automatically records the driver’s BAC through a breath analyzer every time the car is started. The driver also has to blow into the breath analyzer every 5 to 20 minutes (more fun, right?)

As the Holidays approach, more and more police and law enforcement will be on the roads looking to bust drunk drivers in Prince William County, Manassas, Warrenton, Culpeper and Fauquier County, Virginia.

In fact, roadblocks are already being planned, as well as other tactics to find and apprehend folks drinking and driving. (Statistics show that DWI/DUI arrests are at their highest rates of the year in Virginia during the Holiday party season-no surprise, right?)

Remember-all of these penalties, costs and inconveniences (by the way, I haven’t even mentioned the costs of a good Virginia DWI/DUI lawyer or the exorbitant insurance rates you will be paying) can be avoided by simply calling a cab or car service, using the designated driver system or crashing on your friend’s couch for the night.

James Parrish is a DWI/DUI attorney in Manassas, Warrenton, and Woodbridge, Virginia. Mr. Parrish formerly represented law enforcement agencies and instructs law enforcement officers. His law firm offers free consumer’s guides on various aspects of the law including DWI/DUI, reckless driving, dog bites/attacks and automobile accidents.

Article Source:

Question by Yahoo Answers Staff: Do I have the suspension record?
9 in 10 months. Is anyone even close to pissing off Yahoo! that much? I mean, not counting the trolls.
Not in 10 months you haven’t.

Best answer:

Answer by Faith loves black butterflies★゜
your mom must be proud.

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Ontario beef industry assesses fallout from processor's suspension
Liberal Interim Leader Bob Rae is quoted in Hansard, the official written record for the House, asking the government to explain about the CFIA being informed by American border services on Sept. 4 that products from XL Foods were contaminated with E …

Neo Body Modification ~One Hook Chest 3~ Neo Body Modification ~One Hook Chest 1~ Neo Body Modification ~One Hook Chest 3preview~ On October 2nd, 2011. Nero Daikokudo challenged Neo Body Modification ~One Hook Chest Version 2~at the party at Witasexutopia. This time, he aimed for 10 minutes to be ready for the real challenge. Please enjoy the video. 2011年10月2日(ウィタセクストピア)に開催したパーティー内でNeo Body Modification ~One Hook Chest 第2弾~へ大黒堂ネロが挑戦しました。 今回は、より完全な状態で本番に挑む為の調整として10分耐久を目標とし挑戦しました。 どうぞ最後までお楽しみください。 新身体改造/身体改造/刺青/和彫/ピアス/サスペンション/デパートメントH/生理食塩水/世界一/世界を目指す男/ARTE/大黒堂ネロ/rutv/Conch/Pierced/guinness /world/records/GuinnessWorldRecords/tattoo/tattoos/Piercing/SUSPENSION/mods/japan/ONEHOOK/SINGLE/ Bodymod/Body/Modification/Modifications/Mods/Stretched/Ears/Ear/Stretching/Gauges/Plugs/Tunnels/implants/ bodmods/massive/big/huge/crazy/insane/coolLucky Diamond Rich/Rick Genest/o-kee-pa/Brian Decker/1point/Vampire Mother/Pauly Unstoppable
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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