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Celebrities Who Obviously Had Breast Enlargement Surgery

Article by Wally Singer

There is no doubt a lot of competition when it comes to be successful in Hollywood. The sad reality is that to create a name for yourself you have to fit into an image mold. This mold includes large breasts. Actresses and singers who were once natural have caved in from the pressure. It is almost as if overnight their breasts have grown larger. We all know how that was achieved. With the endless assortment of plastic surgeons located in throughout the world, celebs can easily rid themselves of any flaws that could hinder their persona.

For some celebs it is very obvious they have had breast enlargement surgery. Take for example, Pamela Anderson. The Canadian-born Hollywood star showcased her big bosom on the popular television show, Baywatch. Women see her as a good example how breast enlargement can change one’s life for the better. In the late 1990s, Anderson decided to have her breast implants removed, only to choose to go back to her busty self awhile later.

The late Anna Nicole Smith undoubtedly had breast enlargement surgery. It fit well with her voluptuous physique. Following the surgery in 1990, she won a spot on a Playboy cover. There are rumors that Smith may have had surgery to repair a breast implant prior to her death. She was prescribed numerous pain medications to cope with the surgery which she was becoming tolerant of which may have resulted in the overdose that cost her life.

Usually as women start to age, their breasts will show the typical signs such as dropping and losing size. That does not worry Dolly Parton since she has quite large implants. The 63 year denied for years that she had a breast enlargement until 2002. In the mid-1980s after she lost weight along with her breast size, Pardon decided to add to her now famous bosom.

There are celebs that had breast enhancement surgery only to have them later removed. Talk show host Jenny Jones admitted during her show that she had breast enlargement surgery. She had such health issues from the implants that she later had them removed.

Not all celebrities choose the obviously large implants. There are some that have a small breast size that get implants that look natural. This is why it may be surprising to find out which celebs actually have had breast enhancement surgery. Whichever the case may be, Hollywood seems to have a certain look that causes its stars to do whatever they can to stay beautiful. Hopefully the celebs do not feel pressured into getting breast implants and freely choose the procedure to be happier with their body.

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About the Author

Wally Singer is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn.

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