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Cheap cheep – bad is better (for the wallet)

Article by Carlos Sintan

The problem is that it is a bit of the chicken or the egg scenario if you’ve pardon the pun, which comes first, a total change in mindset where we buy nothing but free range, organic British produce therefore pushing the price of this down or building up sales by cutting costs or free range organic British produce? It’s obvious which the conscientious consumer would choose and equally as obvious which the hard working farmers would choose but in the meantime, bad is better for the wallet but not for much else.

Battery farmed chickens and eggs are certainly not better for the chickens, in fact there’s been so much publicity around chickens, spearheaded by various famous British chefs, that if you haven’t seen it then you can’t have turned on the television or radio or read the newspaper for quite a long time. It comes down to living conditions and quality of life and the theory that a happy, healthy chicken will produce more succulent, delicious and tender meat and bigger, tastier eggs for us to eat. It all makes perfect sense and yet the price isn’t coming down so what are we supposed to do in this financial uncertainty and times of high redundancy and unemployment?

The answer simply is to find a local supermarket that offers British, well treated chicken at a reasonable price and they do exist. They won’t be as cheap as the bumper packs of battery farmed chicken but if we at least buy middle of the range (i.e. not free range, British and organic) chicken, farmers will be able to afford to increase the land they have to keep chickens on and therefore be able to breed more and produce more organic, free range chickens for us to buy; and the larger the stock, the smaller the price so we’re all happy.

So the moral of the story is to buy British chicken of the highest quality you can find from your local supermarket. By supporting these farms (and your local retailers) we’ll be producing solely ethical food before you know it.

About the Author

Carlos Sintan is an experienced payday loans author having worked in the field for many years.

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