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Cheap lingerie; Top 10 Picks

Article by Lucy Brown

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, what more appropriate way to surprise your spouse than a little surprise of sexy lingerie.

Through the years we have witnessed a continued trend of what sexy lingerie women buy in order to add a little spice to their lingerie drawer and here are our top-rated 10 picks of sexy lingerie for ladies:

10. Teddy Lingerie

A lot of women are unaware of what teddy lingerie is. Do you know? If not, you are really missing out on some seriously sexy lingerie!Teddy lingerie is lingerie that is worn on the torso, like a bodysuit or a swimsuit. It is often made from a sheer fabric or lace and often ties at the back and the neck.

It’s cut away areas make it sultry as it shows a small amount skin, but keeps the bust underwraps.

9. Garters and Suspender Belts

Garters and suspender belts are one and the same thing. They are worn around the hips and the suspender straps secure your stockings up.These are a splendid piece of lingerie and are often made of lace, however you can get leather, pvc or latex ones as well.

They are made in a number of colours which means you can jazz up any black/white/red lingerie set with one which provides a whole new look, and men go crazy for them! A brilliant choice for wedding night intimate apparel too.

8. Waist Clinchers/ Corsets

A popular pick in the shops at the moment!

Corsets can be worn as gorgeous underwear or teamed with a sexy low slung jean or black trouser for the evening.

Heaps of corset top gowns are being made these days as the corset is great for shaping the waist and uplifting the bust. A must to add to the undies drawer as it is so versatile.

The waist clincher is a shorter type of corset which is used for mainly slimming the waist and if often purchased along with an underwear set. It covers exclusively the waist, not the bust, but looks super gorgeous!

7. Bodystockings

These have become more well-known in the last few years due to how inexpensively you can pick these up. They take up hardly any room in your undies drawer and your partner will go crazy for them!

Typically in fishnet or translucent materials, some have long sleeves, some may be purchased in a teddy design (as mentioned earlier) and some have long legs and cover the feet. It really is your choice depending on your preference.

We haven’t come across a bodystocking yet that is priced at more than

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