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Chocolate: Great For Sex And a Libido Enhancer

Article by Mark

It is sweet, pardon the pun, to know that chocolate can work wonders for the male and female body. It is a libido enhancer most people do not know about. Although effective supplements which help improve sexual vitality are readily available over the market, natural products such as those found in foods and drinks are also great sources for an increased libido.Chocolate, a libido enhancing natural item has only been recognized for its potential as a libido food over the past few years. It can be taken along with other foods and drinks that improve sex drive. Some of which include fruits, herbs, and spices. On fruits, avocado, bananas, and watermelon are good examples. Among spices, garlic is one. On drinks, red wine can be listed.What Makes Chocolate A Libido EnhancerWhat makes chocolate a libido enhancer arethe substances which it contains. The presence of phenyl ethylamine or the so called “love” ingredient in chocolate enhances a person’s mood. An uplifted feeling of wanting to be loved and to love back in its romantic sense is achieved. This is, of course, translated psychologically into sexual urges and physically into the sex act itself.

Phenyl ethylamine is medically referred to as an anti depressant and as a natural pain killer. It isa libido enhanceras it promotes positive feelings of love and desire. Other foods which contain phenyl ethylamine include nuts, such asalmonds and peanuts, fruits like apples, avocados, and pineapple; meat, such as chicken and beef, vegetables like tomatoes and spinach. It is no coincidence that women get the most out of chocolate as a libido item compared to men. The number of chocolate patronizers is higher in the female population in general. This is because women enjoysweets and desserts such as chocolate more than men do.Low libido women are scarce especially for those who enjoy an ample amount of chocolate intake daily. Chocolate in any form, size, type or color is well known for its stimulating properties. In a non-sexual way, it is a mood enhancer which helps in alleviating depression, sadness, and other downcast emotional feelings. Some people call this the “happy vitamin” due its effectiveness in promoting positive emotion.

A LibidoScientific ApproachAccording to studies, the “feel good” sensation is derived from endorphins. These are released when the taste buds in the tongue becomes excited. This excitement comes after chocolate is completely melted.As a libido enhancer, aside from instilling feelings of love and being loved, chocolates especially the darker varieties contain antioxidants which strengthen the immune system. A healthier body in turn promotes greater sexual appetite. This applies to both men and women.Some studies believe there is more benefit in the darker and bitter variety of chocolates. The higher the cocoa present the better, they say. Cocoa makes it possible for theobromine to function properly. Theobromine is a chemical substance produced in the brain which is included among those responsible for lovemaking and all associated urges behind it. Chocolate as a libido enhancing food helps in the production of love and sex hormones.The heart also benefits from chocolate. Blood vessels within the heart are able to circulate better. This in turn promotes penile erection in men as the blood vessels which function in the heart are the same as those in the male sex organ. Chocolate is a libido enhancer, immune system booster, and a healthy heart food for both men and women.The latter can be credited to phenolics, the same chemicals which are found in red wine. These are clinically tested to improve blood circulation in the heart, thereby causing it to be healthier. Chocolate is a libidoenhancerdue to this chemical antioxidant. As mentioned earlier, a healthy heart is synonymous to a healthy sex life.

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