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Christian Marriage Looks Different

Article by jbear

It looks this day that wedlock is being misconstrued by society. There appears to be a conflict as to what wedlock is and who is able to marry. Mortals likewise no longer understand the purpose for marriage. To understand marriage we need to understand what The Lord’s opinion of marriage is and why He established Christian marriage in the first of all place.

Even though numerous individuals do not believe The Lord is the last authority on the thing this does not mean He is not. Souls might attempt to take The Lord out of the picture but doing so gets rid of all authority of whatever institution. Since God the Father is the source of all society and matrimony is portion of society we have to understand God the Father’s opinion of Christian marriage and go for that as fact.

The first of all question of marriage is what is it? What does the word marriage signify in the first place? According to the Word of God matrimony is the combining of two individuals. More specifically it is the combining of a man to a woman. The bible makes clear that a man can not be united to another man by nature in the book of romans. Therefore marriage must be simply between a man and a woman.

What does it mean to be united in Christian marriage? The Holy Scripture says that two can not walk together except they be in agreement. Since marriage is the combining of two individuals who compile of mind, body, and soul that entails our mind, body, and soul must be in agreement. It is true that we might not see eye to eye on all things but we either choose to come to an agreement or we agreed to disagree. That way we can yet walk united through this life.

So why does God want us to get married? What is it about Christian marriage that The Lord likes so much? For one thing wedlock is an representative of his relationship with us. As the hubby God is willing to give his all for us. As the married woman we trust in The Lord to lead, protect, in care for us. The Lord wants us to be Christian representatives of his relationship with us in our wedlocks.

If society does not understand what marriage is in God the Father’s view or social structure will fall. This is because marriage is the basic foundation for all varieties of authorities. There is a leader who is the husband a second in command who is the married woman and the mortals who are cared for which would be the kids. This is why wedlock means something. It is the basic structure of authority. Matrimony must go forward to be this illustration.

Whatever this world might say God the Father’s perspective of matrimony will never vary. Even though there are some trials and battles in every Christian marriage just like our relationship with God there can be pardon and mercy in every matrimony. We need to better comprehend and defend our Christian marriage. There are some web sites offering ideas to improve your Christian marriage. The link below is one such web site. For more data and other matters regarding wedlock please visit our web site.

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