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Christianity: A Quick Guide To One Of The Most Common Religions In The World

Article by Nelson Carrasco

Christianity: A Quick Guide to One of the most Common Religions in the World

Christianity is one of the most widespread religions in the world. It is estimated that over 2.1 billion people worldwide are Christians

In Christianity, Jesus is a very important figure. In fact, the whole religion is based around his life and teachings. Jesus is considered to be the Messiah which means the anointed one in Hebrew. (Messiah is translated to Christ in English). Jesus is regarded to as both a god and a man. He was believed to have the human traits of mortality and felling pain; however, was also considered a god as he was able to beat death through resurrection.

Jesus was believed to have never married; however, recently, a new movie called the Da Vinci Code, based after the best selling book by Dan Brown, caused much controversy worldwide because it claimed that Jesus actually did marry. The controversy this movie caused it to be banned from playing at theaters in a number of countries across the globe including Italy, India, and many more.

In Christianity, it is believed that god is one being who exists as three persons, God the Father, God the Son or Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit. These three persons that make up god are known as the Holy Trinity.

Many Christians believe that their sins can be pardoned with belief and Jesus as a savior. Jesus suffered much in his life. The vast majority of all Christians also believe that Jesus was killed on the cross and was crucified, but rose from the dead and went to heaven. This resurrection from the dead is why many people regard Jesus as a man as well as a god.

In Christianity, afterlife is composed into two sections, heaven and hell. Those who have lived a good moral life or have paid for their sins will go to heaven while all others will go to hell. Heaven is often represented as a peaceful place in the sky with clouds and angels in a calm and tranquil environment, while hell is often represented as a dark and evil unpleasant place underground where the devil resides.

Christian Theory states that there is a general resurrection, where the soul of the body remains alive until the physical state of the body is resurrected and awaits Last Judgment. Many Christians believe that all humans will be resurrected in some form, while some others believe that those who lead unrighteous lives will not be resurrected.

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