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Clearing Arrest Records, Police Records, Withdrawn Charges and a Stay of Proceedings

Good friend David Malmo-Levine talks with DJ BALL outside of BC Supreme Court on the last day of freedom for Marc Emery. This is a witch hunt and a political assassination attempt on a peaceful activist. FREE MARC EMERY. We want our sovereignty back and ask the US DEA to concentrate their resources elsewhere. ie hard drugs/meth/crack. Start off by investigating the CIA. DJ BALL check out 1) Contact the Justice Minister of Canada, Rob Nicholson, and tell him to refuse the extradition order for Marc Emery. Phone: (613) 992-4621 and (613) 957-4222 Fax: (613) 990-7255 and (613) 954-0811 Email: Mail: Room 105, East Block House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6 Canada 2) Contact the Canadian Minister of Public Safety, Peter Van Loan, and tell him that if Marc Emery applies for a prison transfer from the USA to Canada, that the Minister should approve right away. Phone: (613) 991-2924 Fax: (613) 954-5186 Email: Mail: 269 Laurier Avenue West Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0P8 Canada 3) Contact your Member of Parliament in Canada, or your Representative in the US Congress, to let them know about Marc Emerys situation and why you and thousands of other voters want Marc to be free in his home country Canada. Canada: USA 4) Contact Judge Ricardo Martinez in Seattle, Washington and tell him that he should let Marc Emery return home to Canada with a no-prison
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Did you know, if you have been arrested or even investigated by the police, you have a record which may come back to haunt you when you least expect it.

Not many people realize that there are many types of record other than true criminal record which are held by police agencies and reported on criminal record checks, particularly the infamous Four-Section RCMP check.

Likewise, criminal charges that proceed to the courts for prosecution may not result in a conviction, but still create troublesome record. Criminal charges may be withdrawn, or the proceedings may be stayed after consideration of the circumstances. These records will remain in the federal criminal record repository of the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC), under restricted distribution, and in local police files forever, unless you have them removed.

Investigative and Arrest Records

When police begin to investigate possible criminal activity, they begin by creating a local police file on local and regional systems such as PIRS, PRIME, OMPACC, PIMS, PROBE, IRIS and numerous other police information management systems.

Once your name is entered onto such a system, it remains there, and will often turn up on a locally conducted criminal record screening.

When Will Your Police Record Show Up?

Police records are local/regional by nature, and therefore they are not put onto the federal criminal record repository CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre). If you are having a criminal record check done for employment and the hiring company/organization is using a third party to conduct the clearance, you will usually be safe.

However, if you are having a criminal record check done for employment and the hiring company/organization is local to the area where your arrest/police record is held, there is a good chance it will turn up and prevent you from landing the job.

Likewise, a lot of employers/organizations now require you to obtain a police clearance or criminal record check on your own. Unfortunately, if you are dealing with the RCMP in your area, you will likely receive a four section RCMP check. The fourth section of this check reveals police information such as investigations, complaints and arrests. Often, the fourth section will simply have a cryptic answer such as “there may or may not be information on file” leading the potential employer to wonder just what you were up to.

I have personally seen this section filled out for matters as minor as someone praying a neighbor with a hose 15 years ago, yet they are now losing great employment opportunities because of it.

Clearing your Police or Arrest Record

There is a solution however, what you need is a “Record Purge”. Legal service professionals at Express Pardons can prepare a petition on your behalf to force the closure of trivial investigate notes and arrest records at your local police through their purge process. Express Pardons maintains files on police policy and procedure for all the major police jurisdictions, and will research the policies of any

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