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Collectors Calling? File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy To Eliminate Pesky Credit Card Debt

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by lisby1

Article by John DeSennic

When people turn 18 and are just getting into college, they are finally considered adults and able to make their own financial decisions. Credit card companies start offering credit cards to them, and many teenagers haven’t had any formal counseling or education on credit and how to, or not to, use it.Naturally any teenager dreams of having their own card and being able to buy what they want to, but without being knowledgeable about the consequences of poorly managing credit it is likely that they are going to make bad decisions. But it isn’t just teenagers or first time card holders that get in to trouble with these forms of credit- many people don’t realize how dangerous unsecured credit is until it’s too late.That’s when the collectors start calling, hounding you daily about how you are going to repay the debt. When you say you don’t have the money, they urge you to ask a family member or friend. Sometimes these collectors get downright rude and threaten you or yell at you when you inform them that you have no means with which to make a payment. When you choose not to answer, they call back, again and again, sometimes as often as a few times an hour. The phone rings and rings with the ominous sound of the impending collection call. Anyone who has ever been in this predicament knows how downright annoying and frustrating these constant calls can be. What these people should know, however, is that they can protect themselves from this harassment when they file for chapter 7 bankruptcy.When one goes to file chapter 7 bankruptcy, they are basically admitting that they are in such a financial situation where they are unable to pay their existing debts. Naturally this insolvency isn’t guaranteed to just anyone- there is a ‘means test’ which anyone interested in filing much pass in order to be eligible to file chapter 7 bankruptcy. If one’s income is above the average income in their state based on family size, it is possible that the court can dismiss the case based on this fact.The other important thing to note is that only certain debts are discharged under the law. Of course credit card debts are able to be dismissed, but if a person owes back child support, past due taxes, student loans or criminal restitution fines, for example, these are not pardoned under bankruptcy laws.Those planning to file chapter 7 bankruptcy may want to get in touch with legal counsel before they do so. Most, if not all, lawyers offer free consultations for the initial visit, so not having money isn’t going to get in between deciding to seek legal counsel or not. Many times, the free initial meeting gives one enough information to decide whether they should file chapter 7 bankruptcy or possibly file under chapter 13, the other type of bankruptcy available for the average individual debtor.If one wants relief from their growing consumer debt, then looking into the possibility to file chapter 7 bankruptcy is wise, and obtaining a free consultation from a lawyer who specializes in the subject is equally intelligent.

About the Author

John writes to help families do better in the current economy.

If you want more help in finding the right lawyer, go here Bankruptcy Information.

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